Thanks you Ucrowdme (UCM) for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 29th September 2020.

Segment 1 : Introduction

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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
Greg Griffiths Chairman& Founder

A1 : Thank you very much for having us and for the opportunity to share more about why UCROWDME should be considered as an investment and more importantly the global ideas marketplace for all global citizens when we launch next year!

Q2 : How are you feel today: Greg Griffiths

A2 : Pretty awesome thank you

Q3 : I feel very happy today to be here talking to you!

A3 : Your team has a great reputation and was highly recommended 🙂

Q4 : Thank you!

our community hopes to talk and learn more with the UCROWDME😊

So let's move to segment 1
Could you please introduce yourself and UCROWDME to us at the first sesion.

A4 : Absolutely 🙂
My name is Greg Griffiths, Chairman & Founder of UCROWDME.
I have worked globally in senior or executive positions for leading software companies and have sold myself in-excess of $50M USD over the last 20years.
I created the vision back in 2014 for the initial concept built around monetising ideas but leveraging technology to do it smarter, faster, safer and at scale. That concept was Ebay for Ideas.

UCROWDME will revolutionise the way innovation and consumer insights is delviered by empowering every connected person on the planet (4.57B) and tap into their ideas and insights to make the world a better and fairer place for ALL companies to comepte more effectively in our industries.

ZTH Host : Thanks For Introduction

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Over 100+ Question on Twitter and Here 5 Best Question

Q1 : What are the ways that ucrowdme generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

A1 : Great question! It was very hard to choose only 5x questions tbh as there were many great questions and the team will respond to them all when we have a chance 🙂

$UCM generates $$$ from 31x revenue streams that includes 24x paid algorithms using AI, 3x SaaS subscription services, 20% idea commission from ideas sold and commission from our B2B global ecosystem.

We decided to create 31x revenue streams to maximise profits and decrease business risk like many companies with only a few options. Covid has and will impact many businesses but we believe our business model will only ramp-up because more people will work from home which means more ideas and insights can be monetised on the platform 🙂

$UCM tokens can be redeemed on the platform against millions of products offered by Amazon and ePoints.

Q2 : It is a very positive way of stimulating the community. Is there a plan of encouragement and support towards its participants from UCROWDME for the development of this bank of ideas?

A2 : The community is the heart of our business and the platform itself which is why global citizens who submit their ideas, thoughts and feedback will be rewarded. This could be via cash and in this scenario they have sold their idea or it could be an insight for their favourite brand or even local gov't council to change something.

We have architected a global rewards system that feeds into our global rewards marketplace which is supported by a % of ALL revenue generated to give you, the global citizen something for your efforts.

Finally, when AI is more mature i.e. it has more data to mine and learn from we can start generating new IP and again reward ALL global citizens who have helped in the journey.

You have to remember this business model has never been done before. We have billions of people with great ideas and insights that have never or will never be heard.

We want to disrupt a very stagnant industry to benefit everyone.

Q3 : Can you list 1-3 killer features of ucrowdme that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

A3 : Our AI-engine which consists of dozens of machine and deep learning algorithms changes the game. We can create new IP from existing data or from scratch.

We can reduce the numbers of ideas needed to be deemed a commercial success (1:3000) or $100M USD +/- net-new revenue or cost-svaings down to 1:1000 ideas.

Our integrated blockchain solution that feeds off our AI-engine automatically secures intellectual property provenance (rights) that can not be disputed. We will copyright and protect the peoples ideas and insights and in-turn create a fair and equitable ecosystem for everyone.

Finally. IDEAX our rainbow unicorn. We will enable fractional ownership of IP that anyone can buy into and invest. This will itself create an independent trading exchange for IP. UCROWDME will feed this exchange with only the best ideas that can then be licensed, invested and distributed to any company.

Q4 : On Ucrowdme tokens are earned by submitting ideas, insights and awards, how do you evaluate the price of every idea submitted? Under what criteria are ideas evaluated?

A4 : The evaluation or validation process is mainly achieved using our AI-engine and the associated machine/deep-learning algorithms. We do have some manual validation i.e. expert review which will be a combination of qualitative and quantitative to help support the overall weight score.

When users sign-up the more information they provide, the higher there initial reputation score will be. Once registered, the more they submit ideas and insights, the stronger there reputation score will be etc.

The framework for the validation is based on a lot of research, statistics, data, formulas to the point whereby the idea buyer can feel very comfortable with our suggested validation socres and/or idea pricing.

Over time, AI will become even more effective and accurate to help companies make the besst possible decision when looking to buy ideas or use provided insights.

Q5 : When executing ideas with Ucrowdme, whose intellectual property do these ideas belong to? Is it transferred to Ucrowdme or does it remain with the person who created the idea?

A5 : The IP will always belong to the user who submits the idea. We have a very detailed process that will not only help the idea submitter but also the idea buyer from a valdiation and verification perspective.

Our B2B global ecosystem will provdies opportunities for idea generators to prototptype, design, discuss IP and legal etc. This service is for ideas that really could turn into something truly special. Our goal is to find the most value for these ideas and help change peoeples lives. One of the most undervalued commodities in life is ideas. We want to bring them to life and protect the people who genuinely want to make a difference.

We have partnered with the world's largest legal firm to make sure that the T&Cs + blockchain provide indisputable evidence and protection of the idea generators IP.

UCROWDME is here to facilitate and provide the global ideas exchange to create new IP 🙂

ZTH Host : Cool!

Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful Thank you, We will continue segment 3. Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment❗️❗️❗️

Segment 3 : Live AMA

The Best AMA Over 700+ Question 20 Second and here 5 Top Best Question

Q1 : On which problems of current Market, 'UCROWDME' is working on? & How UCROWDME Effectively solves that problem?

A1 : Innovation is a huge problem globally which is why 90% of ALL new products fail or in there 1st year. This is because the new products created are typically always ideated internally with very little touch to the consumer or global crowd.

We remove this problem by targeting the global crowd, using AI to validate ideas far smarter, more effectively and at scale meaning companies do not necessarily have to invest a ridiculous amount of funds to compete against fortune companies.

Outside of the 90% failure, it takes 1:300 raw ideas to make 1 commercial success. Again we can reduce this number down to 1:1000/1:1500 raw ideas.

We are providing the opportunity for a real relationship between companies and consumers for the first time.

Q2 : Can you tell me what is the vision and development plan of Ucrowdme 2020?

A2 : Yes we have updated this on our website but I can copy/paste below exactly what we are planning 🙂

Secured 2x Pilots, 7M user access
Listed on ProBit & Digifinex Exchanges
Project Scoping Commenced
New globally recognised advisors joining
20+ new global pilots to secure
1x major commercial partnership to ink
Global roadshow targeting 1M users
Ongoing advisory webinars
Feb: UCM platform testing
Feb: UCM architecture & security testing
Mar: Targeted beta launch, client pilots
Mar: Global partners finalised
May: Official global launch
Jul: Global marketing campaigns
Sep: UCM product release #1
Oct: IDEAX scoping
Jan: IDEAX funding
Jan: UCM product release #2
Feb: IDEAX scoping
May: IDEAX platform testing
May: IDEAX architecture & security testing
Jun: IDEAX beta launch, client pilots
Jul: IDEAX global launch
Aug: UCM product release#3

Q3 : You organized a very useful AMA session and received lots of questions related to utilities and technology, visions of the future, ...
So now I want to ask you what would you like to receive from the community?

A3 : That is very kind of you and thank you! The only we ask from our community is to support a brand new industry, very disruptive business that will change the world and change how innovation is done.

We are looking to continue to promote and market our business on all social channels and so your support here would be very grateful 🙂

We will also be hiring global ambassadors, testers, global citizens that want to become more involved in our vision. Rome was not built in a day and what we have achieved so far in such a short space of time. The team is very proud!

We have also starting software development scoping 🙂

Q4 : What are the ways that ucrowdme generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both investor and your project ?

A4 : As mentioned earlier we have many to support both the initial stages and long term planning. See attached image for visual effects.

The more ideas and insights that are generated on the platform the more revenue we make and in-turn the more $$$ you make

Q5 : How safe is Ucrowdme? Is it enough to make users safe, reduce the risk of losing money and personal information?

A5 :UCROWDME will be one of the safest platforms in market and something that we take very seriously. Our partners and technology will only use best-of-breeed solutions and with blockchain your idea/data will be anonymous from everyone.

When an idea buyer is about to buy your famous idea. They will not know any of your personal information just the great idea which we protect for you and then also provide the worlds largest legal firm to protect you and the platform.

Additional Technology Information:

Core Features:
The foundation of our technology is based on a Data Lake structure providing scalability to billions of users
Our blockchain solution leverages 'Merkel Trees' that structures data and allows for large bodies of information to be verified for accuracy both extremely efficiently and quickly. By leveraging blockchain we can create automatic IP provenance
World-first ‘Artificial-Intelligence Idea and Insights Chatbot’ driving an automated IP process while being able to predict and estimate demand and pricing for ideas and insights on the platform
12x powerful algorithms leveraging machine and deep-learning including quantitative and qualitative analysis for fast, accurate idea and insights validation
Rewards marketplace where users can redeem their efforts (tokens) against millions of products (Amazon/ePoints)
Direct API Integration into global Government and/or similar parties for intellectual property search/requests and validation.
IDEAX (IP Trading Exchange, Oct'21)

Thanks For AMA And Share Knowledge About UCROWDME




Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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