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Thank you ATROMG8 for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 17th September 2020. Best Speaker Milivoje Batista (Founder )

Segment 1 : Introduction

Let's ZTH x ATROMG8 AMA get started❗️

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📣We will host AMA with (Mr. Milivoje Batista)

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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH Crypto community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
Mr. Milivoje Batista @QuantumBaker Founder

A1 : Hi Guys its a great honor and pleasure to be here today!

Q2 : I’m happy to hear it , our community hopes to talk and learn more with the (ATROMG8)🥳

Before starting to Segment 1, please introduce yourself first so that we all here are more familiar with the figure of ATROMG8

A2 : Quantum Baker:
Thats great and i hope that we can that we can satisfy your group

Mak | Support:
We hope the same, looking forward to a great AMA with you all 🙂

Quantum Baker:
I am Milivoje Batista and the Founder of the Project and for several years in the Industry working as a project manager and since about 2013 in Blockchain projects. My focus is on data protection and privacy. Former projects in which I was participating where done in other fields for companies like Loreal, Swatch, Skidata, UBS, and some other great names. Before that i was several years director of International Affairs of the Europen Development commission a private entity with a huge impact in education, finance and distribution

Some of the the guys with me in the team is Herbert Sterchi who is helping us to form the legal side and the corporate structure. He is the former COO of Thomson Reuters and one of the guys behind Ethereum the second largest crypto structure in the world and today in the Board of Consensys. Or Dr. William Nonnis who is Fullstack and Blockchain Developer at the ministry of Defense in Italy and Jorge Sebastiao who is the former CTO of Huawei Mena region. As well we got the full support from our Technology partner Accubits Technologies who is a multi award winner in the field of Blockchain and Ai from India where we have as well the biggest market and the largest partnerships at the moment right after Brazil where we have a partnership with IBREI a organisation with 30`000 companies in the network over 20 countries. This gives us quiet a good start from the beginning!

This i about the People and the core Team of ATROMG8

ATROMG8 is a platform that combines several levels of Data security and privacy under one umbrella. The environment is based on the social media platform which is built in a combination of a Blockchain and a mixNet structure. The Blockchain is build f several parts first the EOS algorithm which we adjusted slightly an build combined it with the LLARP protocol for securing communication. Around this, we have several services we are providing with partners who are for many years in the education industry and corporate market building. Together we try to cover the need for the post-pandemic situation and support several projects which we are building together and just about to go live and some part already went live. Our focus is here education, a new market for small and medium companies, and es well environmental protection and humanitarian projects. On this context we are as well the first Blockchain which is going on a Satallite in the lower orbit. A project of Accubits technologies in combination with the Kerala Space Agency and SpaceX who is transporting the Satellite. We are providing much more security for Data Transfer and IoT projects trough an extraterrestrial approach.

IDSP - Students and Education of Tomorrow
The Blockchain-based, IDSP application which is part of the ATROMG8 platform has been initiated with the vision to help students and faculties all over the world at all levels to accomplish their respective educational and professional goals with a supportive digital ecosystem. The platform is equipped with services including digital and Blockchain-based distribution of confirmation and certificates, social media, communication, co working spaces and much more for all its participants, irrespective of their gender, race, origin, religion or financial capacities.

ZTH Host : Thanks You

Segment 2 : Twitter Q&A

Best Question

Q1 : What security system does Atromg8 use to protect user data on social media platforms ?

A1 : We are working since a quite a long time with very high decorated experts in Data Security and especially Cyber Security. Thats where Mr. Sebastio and Mr. Nonnis come in to the game with decades in experience in this field. We will not in public discuss how we are protecting our system and what measurments we are taking! This question is like asking the Museum how they protect their paintings. Sorry

Q2 : What killer features has ATROMG8 that are ahead of the competition and how does ATROMG8 intend to open up the technology to the community and to researchers so it can be continuously improved on?

A2 : ATROMG8 has different departments and each one is having a technology board and a business economic team which is evaluating the projects we are working on.
For each country we have partnerships with Student Organisations or with Educational Institutes. We are developing together the technical tools for the field we are working in. Then the partner organisations are building teams which are inviting the Students and guide them trough the process and trough the work. We have a full integrated online class room with all the features and coworking spaces you need. As well we are operating a Event platform which is as well a integral part of the platform. This are the basics. We At the same time all the teams are working on the improvement of the platform which is combining all the tools and features for the use. For the exchange of the document we have an document excahgne platform integrated based on our native Blockchain and from next year on the results and projects information we will be able to send and receive over the Satellite where we are operating a full node. We are partner of the ChainSat project and are bringing the first Blockchain to the lower orbit which is bringing extra security. But to have it in one line, we are focusing on the service quality and use people and experts to build it up to guarantee this quality and not only softeware. If this are Killer Features, i dont know, but for sure we are the only one doing it this way!

Q3 : What is the purpose of IDSP? Is it interconnecting students globally? Can only students participate? Is it necessary to register with the student card?

A3 : IDSP Stands for International Digital Student Passport! Everyone can join and we have request from all over the World. We are giving on the platform a trusted environment which is allowing to interact and work together but as well to get the Diploma and certification tamperproof on the Blockchain. the best way to understand IDSP is to watch our Clip and presentation as it is combining so many single tools which will kill the frame given here.

Q4 : I read ATROMG8 has a charity program. Is the funding for this program from your own person or from a company like your partner? What forms of program activities are carried out? What if the community wants to join a charity ATROMG8 willing to support it?

A4 : The Charity project is the Chain of Love which is an Agreement with all the partners that we are taking 10% of every transaction fee to put in a pot for enviromental protection, humanitarian or educational projects. This is direct on the smart contract integrated. It is on of the cornerstondes of our project to make the world a better place. We alread started with the small budget we have as the Mainet is still in the test until the 11.11.2020 where we will go full online with the platform but already we have achieved a lot and are on the streets and bringing food and other medical help to the people who are leaving on the Streets of Porto Alegre or Rio at the moment. We the team and friends are allways giving as well aditional from our own pocket some aditional funds!
Here are some impressions fo Chain of Love

Q5 : Do you think ATROMG8’s collaboration with the Kerala Ministry of Health will set a precedent in the use of blockchain technology in government agencies?

A5 : It is difficult to say what the future will bring but for sure it gives us an understanding and learinings for the handling of so many people health data on Blockchain. It is for sure a huge interesst in the market. We have now in the first step 35 Milliion people and already several requests from other govermental institutions to do similar things or requests to work together. This is unique then Kerala does have more people then the most of the countries in this planet so to have this amount of data running is and extraordinary stress test for the system with a lot of learnings. We think that in futurre it will change the way we are using the healthcare sysem and will safe a lot of money and paper. But as i said there are many more usecases to explore and we are on it.

This is a great article which is a summary what Blockchain can do and how it can help to improve the system of today. The money saved could help to give the underpriviledged people medical treatment in future to just mention one added value

Everything about what Blockchain can do in HealthCare sector, what we have achieved so far and what we are targeting it.

ZTH Host : Great Answer , Next Segment 3

Segment 3 : Live AMA

Best AMA Over 400+ Question 30 second and this best question

Q1 : The partnership between ATROMG8 and Sendvalu plans to focus its services on Latin America, more specifically Brazil. What benefits does this country offer to the project? Do you plan to expand beyond the American continent?

A1 : Brazil is our test market as we are operating since 2013 in Brazil and some of our Team members are integrating in the bankin system since back in that time. We will grow with this service and we will expand subject to the terms and condition as well as the steady changing rules and regulation in the countries. So it could easely be that we are not able to offer all the services in every country. ON the other side we ahve more and more stable coins which are connected to a currency and we doubt that the payment with creditcards will have in future this big acceptancy!

Q2 : Can you list 1 or 2 of the #Atromg8 deadly features that make it stand out from its competitors? What competitive advantage does your platform have that make you feel the most confident in yourself?


IBREI partnership (30k + companies) -

Listing just 2 for now, there are many more :)

Q3 : These last few days I have monitored $ATROMG8 and it has a considerable increase, do you think that is due?what makes it so good every day?

A3 : We have almost every day news and we should make more marketing to promote this great achievments. That is definitely one of our main gooals to bring more people to our project and of course more to buy our native coin to stabilize the price of the coin!

Q4 : After so many AMA’s, I would like to know, what benefits have they obtained as a project? Have they really managed to create a greater adoption and real connection with the community? How long will they continue to do this type of event?

A4 : We do so many AMA as part of our marketing strategy to get more recognition in the market and more people could know about us, learn what we are doing, how we are trying to change the World and be a part of it. Adoption is good as we can see many new users joining us in the past few weeks.

Q5 : I follow AtromG8 project ever since I heard it and I know you are started doing some AMA’s in different groups in Telegram. So how did AMA helps AtromG8 and what is the positive effects?

A5 : We are not doing this for price as we believe in long term growth, our team don’t like hyping things to get people fomo in

Q6 : 🔆Regarding your ProBit listing, how do you think this partnership will help ATROMG8 grow? Do you feel that the mission and values of this exchange are aligned with yours? o Is it more of a strategy to drive adoption?

A6 : ProBit was for us a very good experience and we have learned a lot from this listing. But we have as well to take the next level and go to the big boys to have more liquidity which is for sure one of our lacks. We are working on it and pushing now very hard to finally listing on a big exchange which is important. But yes we had a very good experience with ProBit

Q7 : What’s the usage of $ATROM in the astromg8 platform?

A7 : AG8 is the key to the lock which is called as ATROMG8 platform or Ecosystem. Without AG8 you cannot access or use it services. We have many use case for our coin which ensures long term stability.

Q8 : What is the marketing strategy that AtromG8 use to obtain more popularity and, by consecuency, gain more mass adoption?

A8 : We are already doing lots of AMA recently as you can see. There will be more YouTube videos in future, press release, articles, we are as well in contact with influencers on Twitter and YouTube. This is all we have right now. If you have any suggestions do let us know so we can look into it :)

Q9 : Mixnet 5.0 is sounds new to me, why atromg8 use this protocol to power the project?

A9 : MixNet was introduced by David Chaume in the ninties. At this time it was not really successful. Today we are using it as a tool to drive the communication over several servers and to play with created latency to which is important to distrupt the metadata as one tool in our data protection program.
Read this article then you will understand why Meta data are more important then the content of the text message!!

Q10 : What moves you, as a DeFi project, to want to contribute part of your fees to the people who need it most? What are the 2020 goals for "Chain of Love"?

A10 : We are not a DeFi project as of YET, could be in Future. Something thats been in testing. We won’t announce it unless we are absolutely sure about it.

Q11 : The Chainsat mission by Accubits Technologies, plans to send a 12 kg low-Earth orbit satellite into space. This is an incredible achievement, what progress have you made? Will there be other participants in this space accounting book?

A11 : Yes we are only in the beginning and others will join. We are in negotiations but not allowed to talk about as per our NDA signed. But soon you will understand what is here to come and it will be a game changer

Q12 : How does #ATROMG8 rate the importance of the user community?

A12 : Its the most important thing if we are building a platform that will be used by users, they are like the base or backbone so we will provide all the necessary services and assistance needed to make sure everyone has a good experience while using the platform.

Q13 : ATROMG8 ambitions are huge. ATROMG8 wants to participate in many fields of the future such as COMMUNICATION, WALLET, EDUCATION, E-COMMERCE.
SO, Is there any technology or solid basis for you to fulfill ATROMG8 mission in so many fields?

A13 : We are thanks god not a one man show. Here are many groups in progress working on the platform and we have Accubtis Technologies. For the 3 Main Projects we ahve a clear market approach and they were buildet in cooperation with big groups and experts. This way we make sure that we reach very fast the critical mass and build up on this basis to fullfil as well our economical goals.

Q14 : ✅About Parnertship. what companies are you partnered with or seeking to partner with in future? What are you looking for in a project to work with you?

A14 :

More to come and announced soon :)

Q15 : During the AMAs we always talk about the technical and monetary aspects but what about the ATROMG8 team? What professionals are on board with this project and why should we trust you? Thank you!

A15 : This was already answered in the first part where team introduction was given along with their experience 🙂

Q16 : I read about you who are based in Switzerland. What advantages does it offer ATROMG8 to operate from this country that is not offered by any other in the European Union?

A16 : Political stability and security. A fair and supportive government and the largest crypto and Blockchain assambly of technological compnaies in this field. But we only started here and we will have in every country our community and legal entity in the end as it is not possible to operate from Switzerland alone. We are today in 12 countries at home and preparing the market entry. So Switzerland is our Homebase like it is for many big and international institutions liek the IOC; UN; WTO; and many more!

Some important links which will help understand the project better and give a clear picture - AG8 getting mentioned

Thanks you for AMA and share Knowledge in community




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