Recap AMA Crypto Dynasty x ZTHCrypto

Thank you Crypto Dynasty for ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 4th August 2020. Best speaker Aaron (CEO Crypto Dynasty )

Segment 1 : Introduction

Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH Crypto community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!

A1 : Hello everyone, I am very happy to represent Crypto Dynasty for today’s AMA session.

Q2 : Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join crypto Dynasty ?

A2 : I’m Aaron, CEO of Crypto Dynasty. Crypto Dynasty is our first blockchain game. I’m very good at designing economic model, my team and I are committed to creating a blockchain game with a best economic model

Q3 : Can you explain what crypto Dynasty is?

A3 : Crypto Dynasty is hottest RPG & PvP game DApp based on the Three Kingdom story. We now have launched ETH and EOS version, and all our smart contract trading market and assets are on the blockchain. Basically, we are an idling trading game, where players can earn tokens while having fun in free time.

Q4 : As we know, Crypto Dynasty is a play-to-earn DApp, so how do players earn from it?

A4 : Well, first of all, players can easily trade various props in the game, they can sell props to earn EOS or ETH directly. Some of materials and equipment are worth more than 1 ETH. Second, we have our in-game tokens -TKT, which can be staked for dividends or sold into EOS and ETH. Now, The total dividend pool has exceeded 190 ETH and 8000 EOS. The price per 10000 TKT is about 0.14 ETH.

Q5 : How Players obtain TKT in Crypto Dynasty? And usually how much does Crypto Dynasty distribute to players?

A5 : There are many ways to earn tkt in the game as follow:
1. In-game purchases, including Tiger Runes, gift packs, etc.
2. Buy TKT diamonds and disenchant them directly.
3. Daily battle rewards. Each march will grant the player a reputation value and a corresponding daily TKT reward.
4. Participate in the BOSS raid and win a corresponding weekly TKT reward.
5. Reach the top 200 daily arena rankings.
6. Complete forging and furnace tasks to get TKT.
As the top EOS and ETH DApp, our reward pool distributes at least 30000 USD (ETH + EOS) every week.

Q6 : How Players obtain TKT in Crypto Dynasty? And usually how much does Crypto Dynasty distribute to players?

A6 : I just want to say Crypto Dynasty is not a difficult game, both game and social media channels like medium, discord and youtube prepared comprehensive guide articles and videos for begginers. And you also can find some tutorial informations in the game. Don’t worry and don’t miss the chance to earn profit and have fun. As for tips, buying mount immediately is always a wise choice.

Segment 2 : Q&A Live AMA

Q1 : I see much potential in Crypto Dynasty project and it will attract more users over time for sure. How will you handle a huge amount of users playing on your platform at the same time without network congestion?

A1 : Crypto Dynasty is on-chain game. For EOS, we all know that EOS has 21 producers and a lot of service nodes, they are all over the world. So you can choose the most suitable nodes for your gameplay. ETH version is running on our private chain, We can use mature CDN services to avoid network problems.

Q2 : I want to know how the progress of the blockchain gaming that you have, what you are running at the moment, what are the advances that you have made, and what problems are you going to break in the world of blockchain gaming in the future?

A2 : Crypto Dynasty now is running in both EOS and ETH chain. We have built our private chain to avoid the huge gas fee of ETH transacation. As we said, we are created a great economic model to protect the in-game economy systym from crash We are continuing to improve the Crypto Dynasty game and make it even better. The team now have a huge user base and a long history of developing and operating blockchain games. We will continue to explore economic models suited to blockchain games in the future and are working to develop an infrastructure based on blockchain games.

Q3 : What Crypto dynasty future goal Lauching ETH game ?

A3 : Crypto Dynasty is already the most popular game on EOS, and we hope to become the most popular on ETH We have created our own blockchain as the underlying facility for future games, which will not only host Crypto Dynasty games, but will also launch a browser and other infrastructure in the future

Q4 : The Gaming industry is a multi billion dollar industry with lots of well established players, now why do you need blockchain & what’s your recipe for success in this highly congested crypto space & your business mode?

A4 : The gaming industry are already the Red Sea market. I believe that blockchain games will become a new and important branch in game industry.

Q5 : Can you briefly explain how the Top milestones that the Crypto Dynasty team aims to execute before the end of this year or going to execute in future, will help them succeed and What Crypto Dynasty may look like in 2020 and beyond ?

A5 : We aiming for TOP#1 in ETH gaming category, later we will support more popular blockchain, such as TRON, IOST and etc..

Q6 : Most of investor just focus on the price of token in short term instead of real value of project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to long term?

A6 : The biggest motivation is always coming from creating more value to our customers. We hope to create a sustainable so called "eco-system"that our developers focus on improving the gaming experience to attract more players in the market, more players will add more value to our token and games and then we need to re-create and develop the game in a deeper level. In this way, our players will gain more benifits.

Q7 : Do you have a plan to help boost token demand and scarcity? Will there be a burning or repurchasing program to create price and demand stability? What your plans in place for global expansion, are DYNASTY focusing on only distribution of token among crypto Community? Or focus on Gaming and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Can you explain this?

A7 : 1. In our game, 96.5% of our token is staked.

2. All the events reward is from re-purchasing

3. all the TKT used in item purchasing will be burnt. In the future, we will have more interesting method to secure demand and supply.

Q8 : How do you plan to spread your awearness of the project in different countries/regions with non English?
Do you have a local community for them to use to better understand your project?

A8 : 1. Currently, we support 5 different languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian and English, to cover most players in the world.

2. We set up local communities in 13 countries and also welcome more players from diffierent countries to be ambassor to build our community with us together.

Q9 : What games are there in Crypto Dynasty? Is there only one game, can you explain a little. I’m really new to Crypto Dynasty.

A9 : Crypto Dynasty is an idle trading game, where players use their free time to idle and profit from trading.
Many blockchain concepts are brought into Crypto Dynasty, and we hope to create a new game paradigm

Q10 : Which is the chief features of Crypto Dynasty which makes it different among others?
Marketing & Awareness is one of the most Important factor for any project ! So, whats the Markeing plans of CryptoDynasty for creating more awareness & Attracting new investors?

A10 : 1. We own the biggest community in China, over 5000 ppl 2. We are recruiting ambassdor all over the world. 3. We also cooperate with many business partners to co-create the eco-system togther. 4 The best economic system in the game secure the long-term profit for our investors

Thanks You Crypto Dynasty

Please feel free to join in our community if you have any question and download our game to experience.

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