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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH Crypto community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
@fraserbrown_org @PaulScott5 Fraser Brown CEO Founder & Paul Scott CEO Founder

How are you feel today: @fraserbrown_org @PaulScott5

A1 : Khal Drogo Scott:
Very happy thank you

Fraser Brown:
very good!

Q2 : Great! Before starting to Segment 1, please introduce yourself first so that we all here are more familiar with the figure of Degen.VC

A2 : Khal Drogo Scott:
I’m Paul Scott — our #degenhorde has renamed me Khal Drogo Scott!

My background is largely in Financial Services. I ended my career in banking as a Group Treasurer which was awesome. For the last 8 years I have been working in disruptive technology, and now full time on Blockchain! It has been a very exciting journey for the last 5 years and hopefully for many in the future. Fraser and I have been working on the concept of Degen.VC for a couple of years now as well!

Fraser Brown:
As Paul just said, I’ve been focused on the ideas that evolved into Degen VC with Paul for the past 2 years. We have literally been building and reiterating these ideas now for some years. Before this dev ops in various software.

Before this diamonds. I had a business in New York city selling diamonds internationally

Before this Olympics. I represented Ireland in sailing in Athens 2004

Engineer with an MBA

Q3 : Thank for your explanation😊

Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2.
5 Question Twitter best question comes from the twitter.

A3 : Ok let’s go!

Best Question twitter

Q1 : Can you please tell what features Liquidity Mining Protocol by Degen VC ?

A1 : Fraser Brown:
Sure, I think it was inspired by sushiswaps vampire attack on uniswap. Its token essentially rewarded those pushing liquidity from uniswap to the new smart contract and then was able to use this liquidity in the new platform. so, we said, why not do this for project finance? Its the same thing basically , So $LMP is paid to those who push ETH or another asset such as a USD ERC20 to fund a new project And LMP holders vote on whether or not the new project should receive pooled funds . If successful a portion of the funds raised are distributed to the LMP holders.

Q2 : What are the activities and liabilities of your project? Will employees be paid in tokens? If so, do they have a lockout period before they can sell on the open market?
and how you consider Uniswap as a market place?

A2 : Khal Drogo Scott:
Our project lives to disrupt venture capitalists. We want every single person in the world to have the opportunity to earn the same kind of returns as venture capital companies
. Employees are paid in tokens and we have an interesting view on locking that we are discussing internally. We believe that reward is linked to performance and we need to make sure that our team is correctly incentivised so that they will give their very best at all times. We love Uniswap as a market we think it gives projects the opportunity to launch quickly and for the market to decide what the value of that project is.

Q3 : How did DegenVC survive in during long bear market? Can you share us on recent achievement your team are most of ?

A3 : Khal Drogo Scott:
Fraser and I spent a long time making sure that we were ready for when the time was right. We are both quite fortunate that we had other projects to work on that meant we could manage through the long bear market and now that things have turned positive we are ready to share our model at Degen.VC with the world. We are most proud of having launched our project successfully on Uniswap and being able to give so many opportunities to our #degenhorde in to earn #alphadrops so that they can become venture capitalists themselves!

Q4 : Regarding Degen Labs, could you tell us about the advantages it offers for users to build decentralized applications with you?

A4 : Fraser Brown:
firstly you need a token - and not a shitcoin. So it is not for everyone! But for projects with a realistic and honest token with solid tokenomics we have proved that our "crowd" is now big enough and with enough liquidity for you to launch via airdrop , Your project is de factor funded because of the value the market places on the project tokens that you retained To protect investors these project tokens will typically also be timelocked in unicrypt

Q5 : How #degenhorde helping you in your project?

A5 : Khal Drogo Scott:
The #degenhorde Is the most amazing community we could ever have hoped for. Their commitment to our project and the concept of #Alphadrops has inspired us.

Fraser Brown:
to such an extent that we now literally co-create all new launches with DGVC LP

Khal Drogo Scott:
They are very positive on our telegram and discord groups - yes, they help us co-create! If you’re a DGVC LP member you get the chance to help us develop great projects!! It is very humbling

ZTH Host : Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you : @fraserbrown_org @PaulScott5

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Great AMA 600+ Question 30 Second and this best question

Q1 : Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? And what influence will we have on the crypto industry due to the project?

A1 : We have long dioscussed how to get more people involved in a safe space in crypto. It first started with an assessment portal for projects, then a curation market v1 and now we are at v2! It has been a great journey and we are all very excited to bring Degen.VC to the market so that everyone can become a VC! You will receive #alphadrops of all projects that launch with us if you are a DGVC LP, and this will mean you participate at the entry level in so many amazing projects!

Q2 : a lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them.

A2 : We are really built to address this issue. I would encourage people to navigate to to learn more about it

Q3 : There are lots of new protocols launching that are designed to bring non-ethereum tokens to ethereum via a bridge. Is this something as a lending service you are looking forward to?

A3 : Great question. We have recently discussed creating a lending / reward pool with some DGVC marketing tokens as a way for people to experience #alphadrops - but we are not there yet. We have seen some governance tokens offering similar ideas and it is one we are definitely exploring as a way to bring innovation to the market!

Q4 : Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

A4 : degen is short for degenerate which was an affectionate terms used for people spending too much time trading crypto! It also emboddies and anti-VC mindset. People trying to get "alpha" for themselves

Q5 : What are some milestones to look forward to? What do you predict the largest challenges will be in the future? How do you plan to address them?

A5 : Getting our first pure launch complete was great ( In the coming weeks the next three #alphadrops ...

Q6 : I am an amateur developer, can you give us details of your future Hackathon? how to be part of it?

A6 : There will be mind blowing breaking news about this within the next 24 hours. Please follow us on telegram and twitter.

Q7 : DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain space right now. Can #DegenVcshare your opinion on DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is the Unification approach to the DeFi sector?

A7 : DeFI is the way of the future. We believe that anyone with a smart idea should not have to wait to get seed capital, then Series A, B, C, D....Z! Through our platform projects can find investors (through #alphadrops) and more importantly - they can find a market price for their tokens!! Win-win-win!!

Q8 : How do you plan to show the world that your product is not just useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?

A8 : The issue of small invstors having access to great projects is a univeral, and timeless one. As long as we keep delivering awesome value to our #degenhorde through great #alphadrops, our project will be self-validating and many, many people will be rewarded in the same way VC’s are..

Q9 : As we all know, the CoViD 19 pandemic is greatly affecting many lives and businesses globally. Does this affect Your Project positively or negatively?

A9 : Khal Drogo Scott:
A lot of people have had to find alternative forms of income and being at home has allowed them to find the DeFi world. We think this is positive as people should have as many income generating and producing opportunities and we exist to provide more of these every day!

Thanks everyone!! Amazing AMA and we had a great time!! We hope to see you all soon at, and our Telegram & Discord!

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