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Thanks you Juggernaut ( JGN ) for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 6th October 2020 . Best Speaker Nacho Llanillo ( Co-Founder )

Segment 1 : Introduction

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📣We will host AMA with Nacho LIanillo

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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
@nachollanillo Nacho LIanillo CO-Founder . How are you feel today ?

A1 : Hello everyone! I’m really good today, thanks for asking, how about you?

Q2 : Im good thank you😊 our community hope to talk and learn more with the Juggernaut DeFi!

Segment 1, please introduce yourself first so that we all here are more familiar with the figure of (Juggernaut DeFi)

A2 : My name is Nacho, and I come from Spain. I studied criminology and when I was finishing I found the crypto space, and became hooked

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the sensation of thinking all day about crypto hahaha

I've participated in many different crypto projects, and helped them build something special. I was part of the Skrumble Network project, in which we raised 16.5M dollars.

With Juggernaut, I'm excited to bring my knowledge of 2+ years of active crypto involvement to do something cool and new

Allow me to introduce Juggernaut a little bit before answering those awesome questions!

Juggernaut is the first DeFi project that goes beyond the traditional finance industry, into everyday life. We believe DeFi can make a huge impact on different spaces, like communication, transport, or work. Simply recreating outdated financial models is not enough; there needs to be something else.

We are building a custom synthetic DeFi protocol and marketplace

There are many different use cases on synthetics, especially on the blockchain ecosystem, so let’s explain what we mean with “custom DeFi synthetics”:

In the finance world, a synthetic asset is a financial instrument that simulates other instruments. It is called synthetic because it has been manufactured to represent an asset, without being the real asset.

Holding and trading synthetics have extra benefits, like easier access, storage, maintenance, etc.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, synthetic assets offer the opportunity and potential of blockchain technology. There are many advantages of having an asset on-chain (ex. Easier to track & trade, programmable, unstoppable, etc.), and with the current DeFi movement and platforms, users could benefit from not having to rely on a third party and from the use of a decentralized protocol.

ZTH Host : Thank you everyone for your explanation 😊 Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2.
5 best question comes from the twitter. Lets gooo….

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Ahhhhh….. Over 150++ Question on twitter and here 5 best Question

Q1 : With the current popularity of Defi, make investors dive into the world of cryptocurrency. and as we know, building Defi requires a large amount of capital. can you tell a little about the origin of the JGNDefi formation?

A1 : I don’t think building DeFi requires a large amount of capital. I believe what you need is a good idea, solid business plan, and great execution. So far, what we have seen in the crypto market is that even projects that raised hundreds of millions of dollars are struggling to find a solid business model. Only exchange tokens (a few of them) and DeFi have proven to be successful models. We created JGN to help anyone build and run a sustainable decentralized business model. We offer the opportunity to add DeFi capabilities to an existing or new business. Decentralization will continue to be the essence of blockchain projects moving forward. With DeFi, there are a lot of new opportunities to explore. JGN is solving the problems for most token project, to help them build and run a sustainable business model.

Q2 : DeFi projects that aim to be successful run the risk of opening up to a larger market. Do you plan to have more partnerships with projects similar to SKM? Will investors from all over the world be able to use the JGN 'j' token series?

A2 : I think this question is spot on. Opening to new and larger markets is crucial for any crypto project. Our plan is to partner with 10 different projects from different industries by the end of 2021, to integrate DeFi into their business models, similarly to SKM.

With 'j' token series, anyone would be able to create synthetic assets for different usecases, and buy & sell them in our own marketplace, JuggerSWAP 👌 So yeah, any investor, business or individual will be able to use the 'j' token series.

Q3 : I see Chain Capital Invests in Juggernaut , How Chain Capital can help Juggernaut $JGN ?

A3 : Chain Capital is a well-known chinese VC, so they obviously know a lot about the chinese side of crypto. The people running it are very intelligent, and have been around the crypto space for a while. They can help Juggernaut navigate the chinese crypto community, they know how everything works, and they provide awesome advice to us

Q4 : Can you explain how Decentralized Leverage works- especially in DeFi? Can other dApps associated with your services be built from your DeFi ?

A4 : Leverage in trading is the practice of using money from a broker, basically allowing you to trade with extra money. It’s higher risk higher reward

In DeFi, leverage works automatically, and so far the solutions that have been created need people to create a collateral pool of assets to pay for that leverage. We believe industries outside of pure finance can benefit from DeFi, so we won’t be focusing on leverage, margin calls, shorting, etc. for the moment at least And yes! You could build dApps using the DeFi capabilities we are providing.

Q5 : how to join the $ JGN stake program and how long it will take for the stake and the dividends to be obtained ?

A5 : You can join the different staking programs through this link:

You simply have to connect your wallet and follow the instructions

So far, we have conducted one batch of staking, and we are doing a second one. You can read more about it here:

And there's a lot more coming, so stay tuned 😏

ZTH Host : Questions on segment 2 have been answered, thank you
We will continue segment 3

Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment 1…2…3…Go

Segment 3 : Live AMA

The best AMA With $JGN . 1000 Question 20 Second 🤪 and here all best Question

Q1 : what are the ways that Juggernaut DeFi generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

A1 : Juggernaut is a tech provider. Our revenue streams come first from providing different businesses with sustainable business models. Then we are building our own Marketplace, JuggerSWAP. It is going to list synthetic assets, and we'll get a % of assets traded, similarly to other exchanges. Lastly, we will have NFT compatibility in the future, and we'll get a % of those transactions as well. In terms of win-win, the token has many different usecases, but the real deal is DeFi: staking and locking incentives, pluse future governance

Q2 : What is the juggernaut doing for the mass distribution of DeFi technology? How easy is it to use juggernaut in an existing infrastructure?

A2 : We are building something that’s easy to use from a user perspective. Imagine a business that wants to do something in a decentralized manner, and doesn’t know where to start. We will provide the platform to create those DeFi capabilities through the use of synthetic assets.

Q3 : How was the idea to create this project born? It is very interesting. What do you want to prove? What are your expectations?

A3 : When we were looking at the crypto space as a whole, we realized sustainable business models are very hard to create and maintain. Utility tokens are usually very fragile, so there needs to be something else. We want to prove that DeFi is not only for pure financial industries, like banking or lending. Finance can be applied to many different usecases, like we are doing with communication. We expect to build something that can be seen as the place to go if you want to add DeFi to your business, or if you have a cool business idea and you don’t know how to go about it

Q4 : While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

A4 : Absolutely. I've been part of many different crypto communities, and what the good ones have in common is that they listen a lot to community members. We do brainstorming sessions with different members from time to time, as well as 1-to-1 conversations. We want to know what the community is thinking, if they agree or not with what we are doing, and there's always something to improve! So that's why it's important to gather community feedback.

Q5 : Why Choosing Lion To represent JGN project!?
What is the story behind the name?

A5 : Juggernaut, in english means "an unstopabble force". The name takes inspiration from the character Juggernaut from the Marvel universe. When he starts running, there’s no wall that can stop him! Lions are very impressive creatures. Their roar is one of the most feared and admired sounds in nature. Almost every other animal respects lions, because they are incredible alone, but when they hunt together, nothing can stop them!

Q6 : What was the biggest milestone your project has? What is plan in the future ?

A6 : We recently have partnered with Gate to list on their platform. In the future, we will be very busy! You can check our roadmap below:

We have plans to build and improve our tech: JuggerSWAP, synthetics, etc. We want to partner with different businesses to create sustainable business models. I have to say, those are some really awesome questions. I think I have time to answer one more!

Let me see one that's cool

Q7 : DeFi is one of the hottest topic in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is JUGGERNAUT approach towards the DeFi sector?

A7 : I believe DeFi is hot because it works. Traditional financial models are outdated. They work well for the most part, of course, but the finance space is like a huge and enormous pile of technology built one on top of the other, with no order, so it’s very difficult to maintain. And the problem is not maintenance: as it’s huge and uncoordinated, changes are really slow, almost impossible to do. With DeFi, once something is created, it can be improved rather quickly, it can be monitored easily, and it eliminates the need for costly middlemen. I think we will start to see more and more people going from traditional finance to DeFi because it’s a really exciting space. Step by step, I think a lot of the finance space will be built new, instead of re-built, and different entities like banks will need to adapt. I see Juggernaut as the first step towards making DeFi accesible, and hopefully as a platform to build some cool stuff 😜

ZTH Host : Question that Nacho LIanillo like is already answered

Great AMA Thanks to Juggernaut DeFi for taking the time to join AMA today.!!

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