Recap AMA Nice 1 Token X ZTH Crypto

Thank you Nice1 Token for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 25th August 2020. Best speaker Nils (CEO Nice 1 Token ) and Elan (CMO Nice 1 Token )

Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH Crypto community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!

A1 : Nils Larsson
Hello everyone!!!!!

Hello Fam!

Q2 : How are you feel today ?

A2 : Nils Larsson
Well, a little hot these days confined, but productive

Pleased to be with you today!

Q3 : I’m happy to hear it 😊, our community hopes to talk and learn more with the (Nice1Blockchain)

A3 : Sure! We ready for all the questions or doubts about Nice1

Let’s go!

Q4 : So let’s move to segment 1 . Could you please introduce yourself and (Nice1Blockchain) to us at the first sesion.

A4 : I’m Elan, CMO of Nice1 , my partner there is Nils , CEO OF nice1 and the the visionary of this idea, Nice1 is a project/ecosystem based on a chain of blocks that proposes new adaptations of use in the video game sector and that currently promotes the complete participation of the community, as well as in the future the free governance 100% managed by the whole community. For this we make use in this initial phase of the EOS network where is our token NICEONE, while preparing our own mainnet based on EOSio with some changes in the management of governance to ensure the non-accumulation of power in a few nodes or entities that can take control of the network (such as the number of producer nodes and standby as well as the system of rewards for voters of producer nodes). Our main development from Nice1 Foundation is the development of a series of plugins that will allow the interaction of the Nice1 network with the main game development engines. This will allow us to explore new concepts of use in the video game sector, both in the use of tokenomics in the development of the same as well as traceability and ownership of both items and licenses... This is just the beginning of the union of 2 great sectors, for the Nice1 Foundation blockchain team it is not only a way of speculation, it is a system of data management and property that goes beyond what has been seen up to now, neither for us the NFT’s are simple stickers without use... there is a potential about this sector still to be discovered.

Best Question on twitter

Q1 : The gaming industry is already crowded with many good players, what’s your approach to this Multi billion dollar gaming industry and what’s your recipe for success. Why do you need blockchain and what’s your Comparative advantages

A1 : Yes, it is true. Although our approach is not specific to any particular sector of the video game world.It focuses on creating a large network (ecosystem) supported by the blockchain and video game communities, plus video game professionals involved in the development and implementation of real use cases between blockchain and the current style of the video game industry. The use of an own mainet is finally focused to separate and to be able to give identity to the ecosystem, the mainnet will be based on a modification of EOSio in which the number of nodes that receive rewards will be 111 and all of them in a ratio of rewards 1:1 this will guarantee the governance on the part of the community and sustainability of the network in the long term. Moreover that is not all, we have chosen EOSio for its 0 Fee transfer system, which guarantees not having to pay for every interaction with the balances and the ease of adoption of new users from outside the blockchain ecosystem, also due to the supply and high number of nodes (111) it guarantees an economical access to the CPU and RAM usage generated by the network.

Q2 : The combination of gaming and blockchain has become a trend lately, so do you have any plans to collaborate with other game developers? And is the NICE1 database system sufficient to meet game development needs? and what is NICE1 main goal?

A2 :Yes, many projects are developing and applying use cases in different sectors of video games and this last year we have seen how new chains have been created for this.

This is where we best define the nice1 project.
Networks are created to exploit a specific field of the video game sector, for example (distribution of games and sale of boosters) that project belongs to a company and creates a new network only for its specific product "Your project". Nice1 foundation is committed to the creation of an ecosystem that will accommodate all these "Projects" and facilitate both the interaction between all communities in a large ecosystem as well as the development and collaboration of the same for the advancement and standardization of the use of nice1 as the main blockchain of the sector.

Q3 : Will you develop a marketplace or will N1 be integrated in an existing one?, Will it be possible to create/trade skins&collectibles under the N1 ecosystem? ,
Will N1 be tradeable at exchanges?In which ones?

A3 : Nice1 as a blockchain will be able to accommodate multiple markets for tokens and NFTs hosted on the Nice1 network.
These markets can be created and managed by users of the network, and funds can also be requested from the Nice1 Foundation for the development of these markets, as well as other types of projects/services that are to be developed on the network. This is one of the cases of use to which I personally think we will arrive first, also one of the main objectives of the foundation is that NOT everything is in an exchange of stickers, but to encourage and participate in the development of real cases of use of those (tokens). As could be unlocking skins or objects in a game of "computer / console" if you have a certain NFT, this will make that having a token (NFT) you are the 100% owner of the asset represented and you are free to trade with it. "Who knows if in the future we will be able to change a sword of a console game for a car of a pc game"

Yes, we will start applying after the publication in the EOS based DEX and during the next months we will apply in several exchanges.

Q4 : In the bad situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, every industry was heavily affected.
Does it affect on the growth of Nice1 team and its ??
What are your plans to turn challenges into opportunities for #Nice1 DEVELOPMENT

A4 : We were directly affected by this situation, the first public sale was scheduled for February and we were forced to cancel. We were working in the background looking for collaborators and new participants for the project and these months of confinement have been very productive, which has left us with great satisfaction. We have made Partnership with great collaborators of the video games industry and experts in the EOS and blockchain network. The team has grown in these months so we are even better prepared. Not at all, during this confinement we have even added one more member to the foundation’s team :D

We don't pretend that the network belongs to the Nice1 Foundation, the foundation in 18 months foresees to be one more entity of the ecosystem and during this time we will have destined a 50% of the token supply in creating applications and documentation that breaks the barrier of use between blockchain and videogame developers, facilitating the integration and generating multiple of new development opportunities.

Q5 : What are the steps to apply for a free Node1? Also, what benefits do Gamer or Indie developer get through Node1? Thank you!

A5 : Currently a Node1 in the mainnet (this represents that since the launch of the mainnet there are 50M Nice1 tokens provided by the nice1 foundation) can be requested by any blockchain or video game community, professionals of this same sector or any entity involved in both sectors that wishes to participate in the creation of the ecosystem. Currently there are 11 Nodes available and during the next months more can be requested.

A Node1 will represent one of the 111 nodes with more N1 tokens hosted (21bp + 90sb). The Node1s for maintaining the network and validating all the blocks will be recomended for this reason, distributing equally the 1% of annual inflation

Best Question

Q1 : Am interested in incentives and monetizing my gaming experiences, how can I achieve that using N1 . What are the incentives available for me to Switch my gaming activities and experience

A1 : With nice1 we want to revolutionize the sector a little, we focus on that aspect, claiming for all users the ownership of items / skins in the current games and free trade, which will make that if a player has an exclusive layer of X color and there are only 100 units, may have a revaluation in time, this operation could find ways to monetize the hours playing, farmed items for example for players with not so much time to farming

Q2 : What are the advantages of #N1 Token compared to other Token ?

A2 : The N1 token will not represent a participation in a project focused on a single objective, but rather an ecosystem that will unite video games and blockchain, it is not intended that within 2 3 years any entity will support the project in an official capacity and that the entire network has been migrated to a 100% decentralized governance system and that this will make multiple entities focus on development and facilitate multiple services in the sector on the same network.

Q3 :DeFi is one of the hottest topic in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is #Nice1 approach towards the DeFi sector?

A3 : Nice1 has nothing to do with DEFI, the focus is the creation of an ecosystem based on the development and continuation of the community under the financing of 50% of the supply + 40% collected from public sales, the foundation only receives 2% of the supply and the rest is destined for airdrops, partners and promotion. I personally believe that this is not sustainable, and there are many people looking for opportunities to make easy money in very risky projects.

Q4 : What are your missions and visions?

A4 : A sector of video games more free where small developers have access to funding to carry out projects and have good promotion, without forgetting the player, my way of thinking makes me see a mistake in the ownership of objects / skins, because the players spend money but are not 100% owners, can not exchange anything with anyone, you pay for something that is not owned and I think one of the next changes in the short term will be the integration of a system of tokenomics in the current system of computer games / console established

Q5 : What is your strategy to fund the marketing campaign for #NIC1 that will be needed to gain visibility and build a user cummunity base?

A5 : There is a 50% of the supply that will be destined to marketing and development of nice1, it will be released in 18 months and the tokens will be used to contribute to the developers and make marketing campaigns, also any user of the community will be able to request funds by different ways to be financed with that part of the tokens, these proposals can be in the field of development as well as promotion and marketing

Thanks for Knowledge and AMA

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