Recap AMA OKEx X ZTH Crypto

Thanks you Okex for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 2nd October 2020 . Best Speaker Luka Anthony ( AMA Leader Of Okex )

Segment 1 : Introduction

Let's ZTH x OKEx AMA get started❗️

⚠️ Don't Panic! You are not in Ban. CHAT is muted for AMA! ⚠️
✨During the AMA, we will often close the chat feature to smooth the question and answer session.

🔔Rules :
📣Use Hastag With Question
#ZTHCrypto #AskOKEX

Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here , How are you feel today @JumongGorguyeo ?

A1 : Hello, I am fine thanks and you. Glad to be here So can we proceed

Q2 : Great! So let’s move to segment 1. Could you please introduce yourself and (Okex Trading Community) to us at the first sesion.

A2 : Sure !

I’m Luka Anthony a specialist in project development (project management and Advisor), with 3 years working experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency terrain. Innovation is my motto which helps me to continue to strive to connect and create specialized solutions for projects with blockchain and non blockchain sectors. Crypto never sleeps is my Slogan. Well recently Okex Affiliate AMA lead and running other few projects management. Thank you!

Q3 : Can you explain the 120$ bonus New User Event to our Okex Community Friends?

A3 : Let me elucidate about the 120$ bonus clearly now

Step 1 Register

Must Register OKEX from this event Link:the link of CM who recommend the AMA.

Download OKEX APP will be easier to earn the 120$ bonus!

Step 2 Deposit and Trade to win 40-60$

Deposit at least ≥50$ crypto to your new register OKEX account.

If you deposit ≥$100 on your first order, you'll get 20$ Trading Fee Rebate Card at once (Save 20$ trading fee).

3. 20$-40$!
You can choose only 1 kind of task from A and B.

Deposit ≥50$ crypto from outside (not from another OKEX account)

A: Trade ≥100$ spot, you will get 5$.
 Continue to Trade ≥100$ spot least every day in 3 days, you will get extra 10$.
Continue to Trade ≥100$ spot least every day in 5 days, you will get extra 15$.

B: Trade ≥50$ swap with 10x 1 time, you will get 10$.
 Continue to Trade ≥50$ swap with 10x at least 1 time / day in 3 days, you will get extra 20$.
Continue to Trade ≥50$ swap with 10x at least 1 time / day in 5 days, you will get extra 30$.

If you think BTC will go up, open long with a proper price and proper leverage

I have to explain more all the steps

Step 3 Buy Crypto to win 10$

Click “Buy Crypto” in the home page, choose the currency you use to buy crypto.

Choose the payment way you use to buy crypto, and the best offer cost the lowest fee.

After you buy more than 100U crypto successfully, you will get 10U bonus automaticly!

Then buy USDT

Step 4 Final Big Bonus 50$

After finishing the tasks above, click this link,

Everyone will have a different trading task to get 50$ bonus

Q4 : I heard that besides CM help new frds get 120$ new trader bonus, we also have trading classes everyday in our OKEX new trader clubs?

A4 : We have Top Crypto Analyst Give Trading Singals and Classes Every Day! Help you Learn and Earn to Beat COVID and Lockdown!
Mr. Hiemingway will give classes about basic trading knowledge and how to place orders on OKEX.
Mr. Brain will give classes about market analysis and trading signals

Q5 : I heard OKEX is recruiting Content and Video partners, can you help explain?

A5 : We will post tasks everyday in this channel

You can forward the post to telegram groups, twitter comment, facebook groups, every good post (not in ads group) can get 0.1U.
You can earn 5-10$ by doing this small tasks

🎞If you are a YouTuber or TikToker with more than 100 followers, join, make an English video with the content in the pin message, give your video in this group, after checking of Community Manager, you can get 20$/each video+0.05$/view (maximum 200$) Bonus!💎

Q6 : As I am also a Trader, What is your vision about the future of trading? How do you think to migitate the risk of someone manipulating the symetracial liquidity pool? And are you taking steps to prevent liquidity wash trading?

A6 : It is very hard to prevent in small exchanges
But in big exchanges like OKEX, we have so many traders and so many trading volume, it is easy to solve the problem. But some times when market is moving much, it is still hard to solve. I believe OKEX is trying its best to improve

And trading fees charged by OKEX from Traders is very low, you can check in

By the way, you can learn and earn free BTC in OKEX academy.

Q7 : How do #OKEx plan to enable blockchain adoption in daily life to transactions in the Commerce online and offline ?

A7 : Lovely Question!

We all know Adaptation of Blockchain is most likely what we all aiming at globally and we've put in many work at this. Therefore making more affiliate partners who can spread more about Blockchain locally. But how ever
Average of transfer money all over the world is terrible 7%!
Means if I transfer 200$ from one country to the other country, I need to pay 14$ to the banks who helped me pay
This is data from world bank,

Post office is most cheaper, but still need 5.7%

Most money flows from rich country to poor country, by the people who work in rich country to raise their family

India, China, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, Nigeria, Parkistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ukraine

Many people from these 10 countries work outside
very hard, very dirty, very sour work, to raise their family.

With crypto, we can help them low the transfer fee from 7% to even 0.05%
It is a great thing to change the world, and help more and more poor people

So OKEX opened many countries fiat gateway
you can buy and transfer crypto on OKEX very easy
New users buy 100$ valued crypto on OKEX, they can get 10$ by system at once!

ZTH Host : Thanks For Introduction and knowledge about Okex Trading

Segment 2 : Live AMA

Greatttt AMA Over 700+ Question 10 Second ahhh the best Okex

Q1 : 💎 Is a special investment required to receive the 120$ bonus once I register in OKEx?

A1 : Everything details have been explained above you can scroll up to learn how it is.

Q2 : Is the security system at Okex guaranteed for all its users? because lately the market is often hacked.

A2 : Well not for OKEx, cause system is well secure

Q3 : Which area are you focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake,Dapps..) and what is your goals in this year ?

A3 : Nice question, Well Defi has been the hot trend globally in blockchain industry i won’t say that it isn’t a bad idea as it is part of our users demand and definitely we will work on that by the way you can have a look here about the upcoming Dex we’re preparing, It will also be the top DEX just like OKEX in the CEX.

Q4 : How can I claim my 120$ trading bonus in OKEx if I have my account already?

A4 : Sorry, this event is mainly for newly Sign ups using this ref link can only get there rewards

Q5 : How does OKEx verify that new traders who want to get the $120 bonus are true entrepreneurs and that it is money well spent that can bear fruit? So that later they can continue to receive support.

A5 : Good question, well like we said before, we have organised trade classes to bring best in people and make them see reasons why investing in crypto is a must thing to do. And in group we have top analyst and smart honest managers to attend to any new users issues

Q6 : Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to #your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

A6 : Well in this you are absolutely right..if you check at my q5 explanatory you best understand why we do all these. To bring in non-crypto users it’s a bug challenge but we will get much as possibly with a good strategy which is organising event within local regions

Q7 : DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us?
Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?
What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

A7 : You can check here, :)

Q8 : ⭐️Does OKEx offer educational resources and tools for beginning traders?

A8 : Of course we do please join our group to know more

Q9 : How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?
Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project?

A9 : We do have local Community’s and representatives globally. Well thats all and i urge you all to jo8n this group and ask all questions you want we will also reward new uses

Thanks You For AMA With Okex Trading Chat ! You all the best




Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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ZTH Crypto | ID

ZTH Crypto | ID

Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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