Recap AMA Session Bonkey X ZTH Crypto

Thanks you Bonkey dAPP for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 22th march 2021. Best Speaker (Developer )

Let’s ZTH x Bonkey AMA get started❗️

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AMA Guidelines:
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 1: Introduction

— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 2: Twitter Question, Team will choose 5 Question on Twitter. Then our guests will answer the questions we give.

— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 3: Live 𝗔𝗠𝗔, In last selection, We open a chat in our group so that the community can ask questions directly. Our guests then select and answer the 5 best questions in it.

Segment 1 : Introduction

Host : Hello everyone ne and welcome to Zero to Hero Crypto , Thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We will host AMA today !!

Guest : Hi I am zhaoming, founder of Bonkey, we currently have 3 people actively working on the project, we are trying to create a innovative and working environment for everyone!

Host : Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you Bonkey build ?

Guest : Two of our devs from the back ground of alibaba worked on payment and big data. Bonkey is a dapp built on binance smart chain.

Host : Can you briefly describe what is ( Bonkey )?

Guest : Bonkey is a 3 way swap protocol, it helps small business to raise fund, basically help them find egg before they have Chicken

Host : Ok move to segment 2
We will give you the 5 best Questions we have chosen, and guests will answer the questions we send you!

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Q1 : Smart contracts are prone to bugs, How efficient and secure is your smart contract. Have you ever been audited through external parties, so we are sure that this project is safe and good for the future of investors?

A1 : To be frank we are not 100% ready, and never will be unless we never release any new features and never hire new people. We are from an internet background, so we believe in GrayRelease and A/B testing, improving the security through attacks while controlling the scale of possible loss. We are still exploring a solution, we don’t think thoroughly auditing smart contracts is an efficient way of rolling out features in such a competetive environment. For example, spaceX does not thoroughly audit their rockets before launching, they test it by exploding it.

Q2 : No project can survive on its own. Can you tell us some of your partners and who you plan to collaborate with, in the nearest future?

A2 : We are pretty new project currently we only have three founders, we are a meta project, once our product is done you will know what we are, finding investors and partners are hard and we are trying to solve this problem

Q3 : Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

A3 : Detail of token economy is at . In short we are fixed at 100,000,000 without new minting and 30 percent will be for the team

Q4 : Could you list some of your most advanced features that we have not seen on the market before? What kind of additional input does Your project have to already-existing solutions on the market?

A4 : We are like a token network, we try to help shit coin to build their value by their relative positions in the token network. We believe there will be millions of block chains and trillions of addresses with billions of tokens in the future, the market will be 100 times larger than internet.

Q5 : Will we have to stake some $BNKY Tokens in order to use the Bonkey Dapp? then what are the benefits that will be obtained by users?

A5 : BNKY is just an example of our platform, any body can use any token in our platform. As I said we will create a decentralized innovative environment for everyone.

Host : Thanks for your cool answers ! Lets move Segment 3 — LIVE AMA

Everyone please prepare your question, chat will be opened in 3 second. Chat will close again after 60 seconds

Segment 3 : Live AMA

Top best Question

Q1 : Has your project been fully decentralized?and will there be any risk of centralization in the future?

A1 : We are fully decentralized, the risk might come from our smart contracts, we need to make sure they are secure

Q2 : Most people judge a project by its token price. So, what is your plan to maintain the token price? Will there be some kinds of burning/buy-back program?

A2 : We don’t have plan to burn or issue and token, but we will have buy-back plan

Q3 : In my opinion, only getting investors and holders are not enough. A project needs to solve a real world issue or a real world problem. What plans do you have plans with them?

A3 : Please refer to our white paper, we are trying to help small business raise fund, BNKY is just a reference token

Q4 : What really MOTIVATED you to bring such a great PROJECT into existence?

A4 : In this world, rich people are becoming richer, because of their rich source to raise fund, we want to help poor people to become rich, that’s what motivate us.

Q5 : What are your status regarding the audit of your smart contracts and security mechanisms to protect and assure the participants of the ecosystem?

A5 : we do not have plan to ask company to audit our smart contract, users will audit the contract for us by using our platform

Q6 : What is your most ambitious goal of your project? We would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

A6 : Our goal is to build the token network, we will have bonkey_v0.1 released this weekend, please look forward to it.

Wow its amazing, Thanks you for answering all question🥳 and Thanks you everyone for joined this AMA today. Our AMA is over

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