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— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 1: Introduction
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 2: Twitter Question, Team will choose 5 Question on Twitter.
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 3: Live 𝗔𝗠𝗔, In last selection, We open a chat in our group so that the community can ask questions directly. Our guests then select and answer the 5 best questions in it.
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Segment 1 : Introduction

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Hello everyone and welcome to Zero to Hero Crypto , Thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We will host AMA today !!! 👀👀👀👀

Hello @fishingmaster_io !

Master : Hello @Brymanager

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : How are you feel today ? @fishingmaster_io

Master : Great. Can’t wait to start this AMA. How about you?

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : sorry a little late, because of internet connection problems 🙏 Good and thanks you 😙

Let’s start with your and your team’s introduction! Which are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on Fishing Master ?

Master : I am the core contributor of the GameFi project, Fishing Master. Before making this game, I have been involved in crypto industry for about 8 years as a trader, miner, gamer and builder. In 2021, I joined GameFiMaster, a crypto game innovation lab consisting of several developers who came from blockchain technology companies and traditional game making studios. We are an organization based mainly in South East Asia. We have ten members working on Fishing Master.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : oh very nice to hear about your team experience also in real life connected to crypto, something very rare to see!

Master : Thank you!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Talking about the project itself, What is Fishing Master , please give us a brief introduction!👀

Master : Sure

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Lets goo 🥳

Master : Nice to meet you everyone. I am the core contributor of the GameFi project, Fishing Master. Before making this game, I have been involved in crypto industry for about 8 years as a trader, miner, gamer and builder. In 2021, I joined GameFiMaster, a crypto game innovation lab consisting of ten developers who came from blockchain technology companies and traditional game making studios. We are an organization based mainly in South East Asia, aiming to build numerous Play-to-Earn games by our self-invented GameFi universal infrastructure which docks existing game software onto blockchains and smart contracts easily. Fishing Master is the first present of the GameFiMaster product family. It was built in the summer of 2021 and launched on Nov 1. Since then, the game has been fully playable on the Binance Smart Chain mainnet and is planned to be deployed other networks soon.

The game is highlighted with
1) Anonymous and bankless
2) Fish to earn
3) Multiplayer online realtime competition
4) Gears generated, equipped, traded and secured as NFTs on blockchains
5) Upgradable NFTs
6) Dedicated stablecoin economy
7) Decentralized governance and sharing


Fishing Master provides the most borderless, secured, automated, unstoppable and fastest GameFi experience. Every fishing man can now fish and earn from every corner of the world with the help of ‘Crypto-FMC-Bullet’ Loop which connects blockchains and game servers together.

NFT Driven

Cannons are the key equipment for fishing. Besides one basic cannon that every fishing man has, there are 20 types of advanced fishing cannons which are NFTs generated through the blind box and permissionlessly equipped by the players using the smart contracts. Among them, 9 can be upgraded into the more powerful versions costing Shells (Each Bullet fired leaves one Shell behind). A cannon marketplace allows everyone to trade the cannon NFTs priced with $FMC.

Fishing Master Coin (FMC)

Fishing Master Coin (FMC) is the native cryptocurrency of the game. In particular, FMC is aiming to be a cent-pegged stablecoin for the Fishing Master ecosystem pricing Bullets and NFTs.

Perfect for GameFi, Better than Axie

The double-layer token system ($FMC and $MASTER) gives Fishing Master a sustainable feedback loop which eliminates uncertainty of the reward token value and the entrance threshold, while the game itself keeps an intensive, balanced and flexible environment for different levels of competitors.

GameFi Infrastructure Technology

Fishing Master is powered by a rigorous middleware system which connects smart contracts and traditional game servers. It opens a future that the game engineers can easily dock the existing games to the blockchain ecosystem without learning contract developing skills — the middleware handles all.


WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : fantastic 😱 What is the use-case of the Fishing Master ?

Master : Fishing Master is an Arcade-Casino-GameFi trinity which allows everyone to earn by fishing in different strategies. It is built based on the classic fishing video game which has been popular among billions of people for more than a decade, first shown up in Japanese amusement arcades. The game logic is simple:

- Four players, each takes a corner of the screen and mans a fishing cannon.
- In every game session, various kinds of fish swims across the screen, representing different marks.
- The players shoot bullets to catch fish, which turns into bullets back to the inventory.
- The four players must compete to catch more fish in one session and thus win the balance.
- The players can switch for stronger cannons that fires a lot of bullets to fish faster.
- The one who fired up all bullets loses the game.

Fishing Master is the first trial to power such a famous video game with cryptocurrencies, NFT and DeFi technologies. As a player, you only need to kinds of crypto assets to enjoy the game — Fishing Master Coin (FMC) and Cannon NFTs. To start fishing to earn:

1. Please first head to the FMC OTC dApp to buy some FMC. —
2. With FMC, you can purchase a Cannon NFT on the marketplace. —
3. Holding FMC and a Cannon NFT, you should connect to the game in order to refill your Bullets and load your Cannon to the inventory. —
4. With Bullets and Cannons equipped, you are ready to hunt in the ocean.
5. When you find you’ve earned enough Bullets back from the game session, feel free to cash out your Bullets back into FMC.

We have provided a comprehensive user manual to guide you how to play Fishing Master, with intuitive videos included. Here is the link to the tutorial:

This diagram below demonstrates the P2E journey which is ready for you to enjoy 24/7 on sofa.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : looks good 👀 What killer features has Fishing Master that are ahead of the competition ?

Master : Fishing Master is much better than most P2E projects at this stage. First of all, this project is not pending for production, but has been revealed within its fully playable shape. You can take just $10 to start your trip right now. The following features will tightly catch your attention better than any other games on the blockchain:

🎮Multiplayer realtime online game. Fortune is awaiting every shooting ace. Beating a boss rewards you up to $50,000
📺Watch the video —

🔫Your choices: 21 types of Cannons with different qualities, 10x-10000x shooting multipliers, two Skill buffs

🪙The first dedicated game stablecoin — Fishing Master Coin ($FMC) — pegged to $0.01, 1 FMC = 1 Bullet. The FMC-USDT liquidity is provided on Pancakeswap

🏦A special FMC OTC dApp provides unstoppable $FMC purchase service with zero slippage and zero fee rate

🤖Smart contracts ensure your transactions never interfered by any middleman, such as Bullet refilling and cashout, Cannon minting and loading

🎁Take 10-in-1 Combo Draw in Blindbox to get 1 Cannon NFT + 9 Skill Cards for 100% chance

🛍A perfect NFT marketplace allows you to trade Cannon NFTs easily

👫You get bonus Bullets by inviting friends to refill

📱Multiplatform, fully adaptive, 3D graphic…Enter the game directly in browsers, supporting PCs, MetaMask app and other Web3 compatible wallets

🦹‍♀️Anonymous, permissionless, bankless…Enjoy a GameFi ecosystem with freedom

🏛The GameFiMaster family governance token MASTER is approaching to incentivize all players with higher profit


WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Perfect 🥳 Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with Fishing Master ?

Master : We take clients’ asset security as our first priority as on blockchain there have been too many incidents hurting communities. Two major steps have been proceeded to protect your interest in the game.

First, concerning the code safety, being tested by the real production environment is the best way to prove the confidence. All the smart contracts of Fishing Master have been verified on BscScan. The open-sourced codes have been operating on the mainnet for months publicly and there has been not any successful attack. You can find the links to the contract addresses here:

Second, concerning the financial transparency, the liquidity of the game stablecoin FMC on Pancakeswap has been locked in a smart contract several weeks ago, and the future liquidity will continually be locked inside. You can find the links to the locker here:


WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : have you been audited?

Master : We’ve proceeded audit by our community members since we open-sourced on day one.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Great ! very safe
What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the Fishing Master ?

Master : Fishing Master is working with excellent marketing institutions to help connecting to influencers, youtubers, writers, etc. Dozens of videos introducing the game have been made in different languages, spread to all over the world. This is one of the best videos made by a third party, which helps you to understand the gameplay and the fortune opportunity within minutes:

In this winter, so far over 10,000 human players signed up their game accounts. Users from South East Asia and South America contributed the most. By the time this AMA is being made, over 850 million Bullets have been fired by the players, equal to $8.5M volume.

Many beneficial events have been held to encourage players to become fishing men/women:

- Every Monday, the project will airdrop 2,000 Bullets ($20) to the players who fired 1,000 Bullets for the last 7 days. The total budget of the reward pool is $10,000,000 —
- Every Monday, the project will choose 3 lucky players and airdrop 3 high-value Cannon NFTs to them ($200-$600 each piece). —
- The referral incentive program automatically rewards you with extra Bullets when your invitees deposit Bullets. —

In the meantime, Fishing Master also launched the Designated Leadership Program together with our governance token allocation policy to incentivize KOLs and guilds in expanding our userbase.

Soon we will host a huge NFT airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap. Please remember to follow our twitter and join our channels to catch this greatest chance and win the refined Cannon NFTs.


WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : good job ! 📣 Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native Token and what are some of it’s usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the Token ?

Master : Let’s take an overview on the Fishing Master’s native crypto assets. For this game, we’ve built three different assets — Fishing Master Coin (FMC), Cannon NFT and MASTER.

FMC is the most essential in-game asset, because only with FMC you can refill Bullets in the game. Please note that FMC is a utility token for the gaming experience rather than any financial asset or financial product. The price of FMC is pegged to 1 Cent, meaning it is a stablecoin.

There are two safe ways to get FMC now on BSC:
- You can buy FMC from the decentralized exchanges if your purchase demand is relatively small.
- You can buy FMC from the FMC OTC service if your purchase demand is so large that you are afraid of big slippages on DEXs’ liquidity.

Cannon NFTs are the key to earn. In Fishing Master, you use various cannons to open fire. Cannons have different specifications that affect their performance, especially during the multiplayer competitions. The powerful cannons you were using may raise an incredible advantage against your rivals and thus help you to earn more.

Each player account is initialized with a basic cannon (which is not an NFT) in the inventory, but the basic cannon has a very limited fire power. To lift the fishing efficiency, you will need to upgrade your weapons that suit your fishing skill.

The game now provides 20 kinds of advanced cannons to add to your inventory. All of them are NFTs and you can check the details here. Your inventory can hold up to 10 advanced cannons at the same time.

  • To get a new cannon, you can mint one by opening up a Cannon Blindbox, or buy one via our NFT market.
    - To put a cannon in use, you must load your cannon NFT to the inventory.
    - You can upgrade a cannon to its refined version by spending shells.
    - You can also sell a cannon NFT to another player if you no longer need it, but you have to make sure it is unloaded.

MASTER is the native token of the GameFiMaster family which consists of Fishing Master and more games. MASTER can be used for initiating proposals, voting and sharing the project revenue. The GameFiMaster smart contract will periodically buy back and burn MASTER.

MASTER is estimated to come out in 2022Q2, landing on Ethereum Mainnet. There is no fundraising planned for the MASTER token. 20% of MASTER issuance will be released to players through in-game farming, with 95% vested for 36 epochs starting from TGE and 5% unlocked immediately. Other token will be allocated to marketing partners or reserved by the team and the newborn DAO.

We’ve provided a preview on how the token will be mined through fishing:

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : is it only through OTC? how to buy through pancake ? 😳

Master : No. OTC is just a fast purchase service for big demand. You can visit Pancakeswap to trade FMC anytime. Here is the link

I think only through OTC 😄 Buy and hold Guys xD

We know today have many gaming platforms. We are more conscious on the gaming market is competitive. Many are determined to reach the largest number of users. How will Fishing Master compete with other gaming platforms? What are your best advantages for attracting users?

Master : To become an outstanding GameFi project, Fishing Master launched a $90,000,000 incentive program, the hugest reward pool ever in this market. This program is so deeply game changing that it turns fishing into mining like it is yield farming in DeFi.

By now this magnificent program has smoothly finished 5 rounds, spreading rewards for over 100 times for our early bird winners. The average APR of this program reached 5142.86% at the end of the first week, and is still at 4106.52% at the end of the 5th. Some tier-1 players even got APRs around 12000%-15000%. —

In this spring, we will introduce this program to all communities in the entire market and we are confident to attract billions of Bullets deposit and trillions of firing volume.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : can you explain where the remaining pool rewards are collected ?

Master : The reward is bonus Bullets. 1 Bullet = 1 FMC and 1 FMC is pegged to $0.01. The reward pool is basically a stablecoin algorithm to issue our stablecoin with DeFi logic. The reward is from the PCV of the project.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Lastly , How have you lowered the barrier of entry for those looking to get into play-to-earn games?

Master : The traditional game market is much larger than the crypto’s. Billions of people are playing games through the current Web2 platforms. Attracting them into Web3 and P2E gaming with crypto is a challenge. The new users may face the barriers like in-game assets’ value fluctuation, platform restrictions, the learning curve of new game logic, and the acquirement procedure of NFTs, etc. Fishing Master has taken at least four solutions to lower the barriers.

First, we’ve developed a dedicated in-game stablecoin, FMC, to price the core assets for gaming, which are Bullets and Cannons. FMC is powered by the DeFi technology, backed by Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) with an automatic stabilizer smart contract — as you can see there is an algorithmic stablecoin design hiding in the game. You will no longer worry about your account balance’s value based on fiat, but still enjoy the benefits of a bankless ecosystem.

Second, we all know that mobile gaming has conquered the largest market share of the game industry. The game with all its services is designed to be able to seamlessly operate on all devices. You can play Fishing Master on your phone or laptop, with WiFi or 5G anywhere anytime. All you need is a MetaMask app.

Third, Fishing Master is evolved from a classic video game which billions of people share the similar memory in childhood. The gameplay is extremely straightforward so that everyone can start Fish-to-Earn in literally five minutes, which ensures a promising future that we can embrace millions of players from the Web2 world and thus GameFiMaster can be a bridge to connect everyone into the metaverse without any cliffy learning curve.

Fourth, we are going to release a new tiny but significant feature to help every new player to experience the power of our NFTs in the Play-to-Earn trip, FOR FREE. A Cannon NFT Free Trial function will be deployed into the next upgrade, allowing all new accounts to play with all 20 types of Cannons within hours. The best legendary Cannon Brynhildr (currently priced at $2,000 /piece) is also included in the offer. It means you don’t need to buy or rent NFTs during the first several hours after signing up, but you can freely hunt fish with these valuable weapons.

With all the efforts made, we hope that you can enjoy fishing on your fingers. Good hunting in metaocean!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : will Fishing Master make apps for ios/android in the future?

Master : Yes of course. The native app is planned for all GameFiMaster product family And even VR.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : makes it easier for users to enjoy the Fishing Master feature 😍 can you explain a little about VR? 👀

Master : It hasn’t been disclosed much. We also have a partner which is a VR hardware company working on VR glasses, VR cryptowallet and VR game launcher. GameFiMaster will be integrated with our own VR device and software. You will be able to fish in the VR ocean, one day.

Just sit tight! 👍

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Nice ! Product 💥 Great thank you for answering questions from segment 1
Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2 and 5 best question comes from the twitter. @fishingmaster_io

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : are you ready ?

Master : Let’s do this.

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Q1 : many projects say play and earn how do players get the right of governance on the project?

Master : As we are entering the age of Web3, the best way is forming a DAO that controls the parameter management, project vaults and developement, which is why we will launch the governance token MASTER this year, Q2. The token will be airdropped to our loyal players and community contributors based on performance. This is to ensure that the token holders are truly on the same side to help the game product growing better.

Q2 : Can you tell me good reasons that Fishing Master is here for the long run and has a real utility that will increase the demand for the token in the future? 🧠

Master : First we already introduced that Fishing Master has a dual token system. The stablecoin FMC is the in-game utility token that you must have it to acquire Bullets and Cannons. The win-to-earn fishing game can provide millions of profit for the best fish men/women, and the leaderboard incentive program offers super reward pool with incredible ROI. Both features will increase and maintain the real demand of FMC. On the other hand, the value transmitted into FMC will enlarge the PCV of the project, and the governance token will share the profit by returning the benefit to MASTER holders via buy-back.

Q3: The success of a project also depends on the community. Do you have plans to spread awareness to both crypto users and non-crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be restricted from accessing your Project?

Master : We are working with greatest institutions like Superlab Ventures, Shima Capital, Blockchain Network PH, etc. The KOLs and content makers they’ve brought are covering populations from all over the world. We also have multi-language support in our Telegram group and Discord channel. In fact, the most active players are located in three different areas, including South East Aisa, South Ameriaca and Western Europe. As the userbase expands globally, we will upgrade our game interface into multi-language as well.

Q4 : NFT space is flooded with low quality NFTs, making it hard for collectors, users to find the art they really want. How will you be able to give users high quality NFTs? What will it be consider as high quality on “OxFishingMaster” and how will you determine what NFTs are worth?

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Does Fishing Master have a marketplace for NFT colllectibles ? 😵‍💫

Master : Yes. We have an official NFT marketplace. —

And we also provide NFT Blindbox in the game so you can mint new Cannons. —

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : How to mint NFT ?

Master : Simply open the blindbox. Here is the guide:

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Excellent confirmation 🥰
Last Twitter Question !

Q5 : On Twitter, I saw that the Fishing Master Leaderboard Incentive Program Round 5 ended with an equivalent APR: 4106%, can you share some of the positive reports this round has provided Fishing Master? When will Round 6 begin? Also, how much longer will the Incentive Program be on?

Master : This incentive program will seamlessly continue, divided by each Monday UTC 00:00. That means when Round 5 ended, Round 6 has automatically started. The incentive program will last at least 36 rounds (36 weeks). You can find the rules here:

All Question on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you!
We will continue segment 3 ❗️
Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment

Segment 3 : Live AMA Session

Q1: Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them??” Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yield farm or NFT in the future?

Master : Love this one! First, the link to the token contract

And as a serious GameFi project, we provide the fishing as mining game experience just like it is farming in DeFi.

There is an open data sheet for everyone to check the weekly winners’ APR and their performance in the game. Here is the link:

Q2: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? Could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Master : Nice 2nd question. Our goal is to reinvent the arcade/casino game model with the help of GameFi design, making it bankless, permissionless and finally decentralized. I strongly recommend you to read this article to understand the key concept of Fishing Master:

Regrading the upcoming updates, we are going to add two new features to the Fishing Master game:
1) Free Trial of Cannon NFTs with limited time
2) Cannon Forge which allows you to forge best Cannons by spending lower level ones

Q3: Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Master : We chose BSC as our first stop, but it is not the end point. All EVM-compatible blockchains are ready to let Fishing Master go onboard. We will land on chains like Polygon, Avalanche, etc. BSC has the biggest GameFi userbase for now, that’s why we are here.

Q4 : Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

Master : The game will consume FMC as players must use FMC to accquire Bullets and Cannon NFTs. The PCV will eventually transform into project revenue.

Great thank you for answering questions from segment 3 : LIVE AMA Session

fantastic AMA Session today !

Master : Great AMA! Thank you very much!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Thanks you @fishingmaster_io has been present in our community for the AMA Session and educating 🔥



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