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Thanks you Fud Finance for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 9th October 2020 . Best Guest Paul Fud ( Developer )

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Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
Paul Fud ( Developer ) , Hello @fudfinance

A1 : Hi sorry about the time zone mixup . We thought it was 8:30am our time which is right now

Q2 : No problem 👌 Welcome Paul

How are you feel today ?

A2 : Feeling great. Thanks for asking

Q3 : our community hope to talk and learn more with the Fud Finance😊

Segment 1, please introduce yourself first so that we all here are more familiar with the figure of (Fud Finance)

A3 : Hi, I’m a former Pokemon and Start Wars Executive Producer who built a team around which has a cult following so far in crypto. Our goal is to bring higher level of quality NFTs to all and to do something nobody does: We burn your shitcoins for $GATR (a new token releasing next month) There is no charge for burning your scam tokens, you just hold 10 $FUD There would be a vote as to which tokens we swap each week

Our first CCG NFT card FUDzilla is releasing in a week

Thanks! For a complete understanding of our NFT system, please check out our Medium posts:

Q4 : Thank for your explanation Paul, Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2.
5 best question comes from the twitter. You ready?

A4 : Yup!

Q1 : how do we do NFT mining at Fud Finance? can you explain in detail and the variants to be obtained?

A1 : There is no NFT mining. You just need to hold FUD in your wallet.

I don't feel NFT mining is a good thing so we made it much simpler

Here are our future plans with NFT mining:

Q2 : The number of scams in projects has increased, therefore the lack of trust in travel reservation platforms is a common problem among users. How does FUDforce intend to solve this problem?How do users ensure that the tactic of artificially inflating prices will not be implemented?

A2 : We have locked liquidity for 1 year. Locked liquidity:

We have no travel reservation systems. We want you to stay where you are. (though to be honest I have no idea what this means.)

Well for one, stop using CEXs. We will not list on any CEXs or pay for any listings. We simply don’t believe in it. If you are trying to artificially inflate $FUD, you are confused. We are a dedicated project to shaming ourselves... constantly. Try inflating a TG Group that is constantly making fun of itself. We earn your trust by doing cool things... my thumbs up emoticons are not working right so there you go

Q3 : can you explain The five series that we have begun to develop:

1. A Trading Card Game (under
4.The Rugged Projects (under

A3 : 1. Yes, our trading card game has mechanics similar to Pokemon and Heartstone. We release 2 cards a month to $FUD card holders. We plan on releasing a physical card game in 2021 and will work on a digital version. I produced the Pokemon TCG Online game.

2. We create a few a these a month they are doodled crypto art. Our next one will be of the Winklevoss twins. And this one might be the one going out to $FUD holders.

3. These are pixelated head images of iconic people in crypto.

4. These are meme NFTs of previous scam projects

5. Badges represent achievement in the project. We plan on making FUD Force ranking ones in the future

Q4 : What your plans in place for global expansion, are you focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

A4 : We have applied to Polyient Games. We are seeking partnerships that "make sense" to who we are and what we do. I was talking to someone from Japan yesterday - but telegram is full of scammers. We are having difficulties finding international partners that are legitimate. I speak some Japanese and Chinese - but not fluent enough to make a dedicated website to those market. For fun, we thought we might google translate the site to create more FUD.

Q5 : I read on Twitter that there has been a Ddos attack on Fud web page. What improvements did you make to overcome and prevent this from happening again?

A5 : We had a DDoS attack on the website plus an injection attack. Then a bot attack on our TG the next day. None of these issue are uncommon and it actually helped us to beef up security on both. We suspect the $MEME guys have hired crypto assassins because our NFTs are THAT good. But there are no website or TG issues we can’t handle or fix somewhat quickly. And its all part of the $FUD culture anyways. At the end of the day, we created a place where frustrated, sad, rekt and normal people can all get along and FUD all day. Your wife is giving you trouble? No problem. Just head over to the $FUD TG and let loose.

Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you ! We will continue segment 3

Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment ❗️

The best AMA Session over 700++ Question 15 second mute

Q1 : Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

A1 : We used $CORE as inspiration:

Q2 : Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

A2 : You have to know what FUD means?

Q3 : Your project looks like $ MEME which seems to have no value in the crypto space. Why should we believe that this will not work like $ MEME and why should we invest in the $ FUD token?

A3 : $MEME has no utility beyond making really average looking NFTs. However, if you look on OpenSea some of their NFT tokens are placed on sale for up to $400K. NFTs are the future of stored value in my opinion. Our NFTs are higher quality, have more utility (read the medium) and will be part of a game ecosystem. Axie Infinity NFTs recently sold for $150K a piece.

Q4 : What are the problems FUD FINANCE is trying to solve in the industry that other project cannot solve ? And how will you solve this problems ?

A4 : Not enough projects make fun of themselves and enjoy the community aspect like we do.

Q5 : Revenue is an important aspect for all projects in order to survive and keep the project / company up and running. What is Fud Finance way of generating profit / revenue? What is the income model?

A5 : Our income model is around NFTs. If you look on OpenSea at sales — people make a lot of money on trading NFTs. Bitboy released a card set recently and he was trading $50K worth of cards a day. That’s a nice income at 10% profit a day.

Q6 : How is $FUD token used? How to keep the motivation for holding $FUD tokens long term?

A6 :

Q7 : What is the most ambitious goal of the project? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any upcoming updates? What should the community look for?

A7 : Our main goal is to rid AMAs of bot-like questions

Q8 : Why should I invest in your token? do you guarantee I’ll be profitable?

A8 : No. if anyone gives you a guarantee. run.

Q9 : Yeild farming is a new trending so do you have any plan to yeild farming system development?

A9 : You are farming $GATR and NFTs through the docs I added.

Q10 : The locked liquidity of Fud is one year. Why do you choose one year? What is the advantage of having a long term for locked liquidity?

A10 : We tried to lock it as long as possible. Our dev and art budget was our main concern. We are generating a lot of things for free and want to ensure our budgets are good. I think with the token burn system, there will be no need for us to have these tokens unlocked as we will always need liquidity. But I think all projects need flexibility in order to survive. We want to ecosystem to grow and in one year’s time, we should be developing an online game to compliment our token. Timing seemed to be right for this.

Q11 : Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to $ FUD and how? What are the actions to increase awareness around $ FUD in non-crypto space. ?

A11 : Ya, its a game. And it looks bad-ass.

Q12 : Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does you have any special plans to attract and expand the community and improve the user experience?

A12 : Our plan is to continually $FUD until we can afford to buy 4-Chan. We will then rename it $FUD-chan

Q13 : Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for your project and how could you overcome this barrier?

A13 : I think Vitalik is very scared of us right now. So he sent his $MEME agents to DDos attack us.

Q14 : How does FUD handle the issue of negativity when the price falls? What are your plans to grow and strengthen a product-oriented, not price-oriented community?

A14 : We FUD more

Q15 : Seems many projects are offering layer 2 scalable solutions e.g. MATIC. So how is Fud Finance different from the others? What competitive advantage do you have? What layer 2 solutions are you targeting first?

A15 : We are like a 2-layer dip. FUD are the beans. And NFTs are the cheese.

Q16 : As we know, every serious project always have their own roadmap. Could you please explain FUD Finance roadmap and also what phase is currently ongoing?

A16 : Check website.

Q17 : Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to $ FUD and how? What are the actions to increase awareness around $ FUD in non-crypto space. ?

A17 : Physical game decks out in 2021. Please donate* .. i mean contribute to our future Kickstarter

Q18 : What is the biggest challenge for Fud Finance in the future? how do you plan to solve this problem?

A18 : Bot Questions are the biggest issue. We need to rid the world of bot-like questions. @ElmerFud is working on this through a series of meme-shaming NFTs. @fudpotato is helping.

Q19 : Why should we invest in FUD ? Any 3 reasons

A19 : 1. Best NFTs. 2. Best community 3. We have more depth than $MEME... so make the price right already

Q20 : I have had FUD wallet for a while now, and this has been quite a succesfull year for FUD itself, what are your highlights and your shades from this year? What did you learn and what do you celebrate?

A20 : I dont believe you. We have only been live for like 3 weeks. I think less. What’s your ETH address so I can confirm?

Question that Paul Fud like is already answered , Great AMA Thanks to Fud Finance for taking the time to join AMA today.!! Our AMA session is now over.❗️

Thanks you FUD Finance For AMA Session in ZTH Crypto

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