Recap AMA Session iFighter Infinity X ZTH Crypto

Thanks you Mecha Morphing for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto , 4th January 2022. Best Speaker Enrique Gao (CMO)

Let’s go ZTH x iFighter Infinity AMA get started❗️
⚠️ Don’t Panic! You are not in ban chat is muted for 𝗔𝗠𝗔.
During the 𝗔𝗠𝗔, we will often close the chat feature to smooth the question and answer session.
AMA Guidelines:
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 1: Introduction
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 2: Twitter Question, Team will choose 5 Question on Twitter.
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 3: Live 𝗔𝗠𝗔, In last selection, We open a chat in our group so that the community can ask questions directly. Our guests then select and answer the 5 best questions in it.
🎁 Total rewards quantity will be $100, have fun!

Segment 1 : Introduction

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Hello everyone and welcome to Zero to Hero Crypto , Thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We will host AMA today !!!

Mark : Hello,everyone

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : how are you today ?

Mark : I am very happy because I can come here to share our project with everyone

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : So let’s move to segment 1
Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you iFighter Infinity build ?

Mark : Hi, I am Mark, the CMO of iFigher Infinity. I have been in the crypto market for 3 years. I have extensive experience in the Crypto industry particularly in DeFi and gamefi. iFighter Infinity is an exciting and innovative project on the market that has made significant strides over a short period of time compared to its peers.Our Twitter followers broke through 27K in a period of time, which is an important support for our later development. After getting into the crypto industry, I never looked back and my goal is to explore as much about this field as I can.
iFighter Infinity is a 3D Immersive space flight PlayToEarn game
In iFighter Infinity all players’ gaming and social behaviours will be financialized. iFighter Infinity utilizes the new revelation brought by Defi, GameFi and SocialFi, making players’ behavior meaningful and valuable! iFighter Infinity’s goal is to build Web3 technology-oriented games based on blockchain technology, giving the players rights to the game’s data. Players around the world can work together to create a fun and prosperous crypto economy.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Next ! Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with iFighter Infinity ?

Mark : We attach great importance to platform security. In terms of protecting NFTs, FileCoin and IPFS provide a huge advantage. At the same time, we have also submitted information to some audit institutions. All smart contracts will be audited, and the report will be published after the audit is completed.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Do you show audit? 👀

Mark : We are currently recommending an audit, and the report will be announced after completion

Please follow us on Twitter for the latest information

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team, [06.01.22 17:11]
Okay, What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of iFighter Infinity ?

Mark : We detailed that a good project requires strong enough community support, so our marketing strategy will also focus on the community, we will take a variety of activities to attract users

1. Recruit the first batch through a series of community activities, such as airdrop, meme expression pack competition, driver’s license activity, dubbing activity, ticket activity, painting creation competition, limited NFT avatar activity and so on

2. At the same time, iFighter will recruit project ambassadors around the world, focusing on establishing game communities in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

3. Collaborate with Gamefi KOL to expand the popularity of the project

4. Select high-quality users for testing, and release demo videos to attract users

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Sound Good 😍

Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native Token and what are some of it’s usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the Token ?

Mark : In iFighter Infinity, there will be several tokens in iFighter Infinity, iGAS, iRON, iGold, and IIS, all of which can be earned through the trading market and different in-game play.

iGAS is the driving energy of the warships, and each mission will consume a certain amount of iGAS, and the amount of iGAS will depend on the mission. iGAS can be replenished in various ways, such as defeating an enemy ship, completing a mission, daily mystery box, and random mystery events.

iGold is a valuable resource obtained during battles and is required for upgrading ships, equipment synthesis, equipment upgrades, and talent upgrades. iGold can be obtained during mission levels or you can try to buy it from the marketplace. If you have excess iGold, you can sell it in the marketplace and exchange it for the crypto assets you need. The rate of iGold production in the system is dynamically calculated based on the number of players per day, following the way described in Bonding Curve, when the number of players consuming iGold per day is small, the rate of iGold production will remain low, when the number of players consuming iGold per day is large, the rate of iGold production will When the amount of iGold consumed by the player in the game is large, the rate of iGold production will be accelerated and eventually will not exceed the set maximum production rate. In this way, the system can automatically and dynamically adjust the amount of iGold in the game.
IIS (iFighter Infinity Stakes) is the governance token of the iFighter Infinity. The members of iFighter Infinity have the final decision on the design of the gameplay and the right of ecosystem governance. The members of iFighter Infinity can use IIS to acquire NFT assets in the marketplace or to provide liquidity in AMM to earn iGAS and iRON rewards. IIS can be minted by staking game assets in DeFi protocols.

There are several ways to earn:
1. Complete daily tasks to earn Tokens
2. Stake IIS to earn more IIS
3. Liquidity Mine by adding liquidity to our DEX for trading pairs
4. Win Infinity Challenge
5. Win PvP games
6. Trade NFTs for a potential profit
We will also continue to develop more gameplay to enrich iFigher in the future

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Lastly Does the team have a roadmap in place ? and if so , how has it been kept up with so far ?

Mark :

This is our roadmap. We are currently advancing step by step in accordance with the plan of the roadmap. We will carry out pre-sale of the mysterious box next, which will be a very important thing!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Great thank you for answering questions from segment 1
Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2 and 5 best question comes from the twitter.

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Q1 : Do the token holders have right to the participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project

Mark : Of course, we expect enough token diamond holders who will participate in the governance of the project later, such as some voting for community development. At the same time, the deflation mechanism is set to ensure the core rights and interests of the ecological stakeholders, and holders can share the dividends of the game development and value growth to the greatest extent. We believe that as more scenarios are disclosed, long-term investors or early partners in the project can reap the maximum rewards.

Q2 : Is #iFighterGameonly support PC device? Many games don’t support mobiles, and that reduces the attraction of many players around the world. Will it be compatible with Android devices and also iOS ?Will it be released first in desktop version or mobile version?

Mark : First of all, I need to tell everyone that iFigher will be a mobile game.
In the first quarter of 2022, iFight will open mystery box pre-sale, NFT trading market and release a mobile game app
And next we continue to optimize UI design, game content, etc., we hope to make a 3D mobile game masterpiece

Q3 : Staking & NFT are hot topics right now, My question is, did you make this project only for the short term because of these hot topics? Do you have a long term plan for this project?

Mark : This is certainly not a moment, before IFIGHTER starts, we have conducted a lot of research and future plan, we believe in NFT and Gamefi’s future market, we are willing to devote it, create a better project of interest and financial properties. Everyone can believe our team and confidence!

Q4: Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

Mark : At present, the token has not yet been issued, and we will be lunched to multiple dex and cex in the future. We currently conduct pre-sale of NFT battleships, which will be one of the best ways to obtain game assets.
The game will be on the line this month, as long as the official website links the wallet scan code login can enter the game. Of course, we will also have different policies to encrypt the market in each region and make different answers.
When successfully passed the level, you will get the rewards of Igold and Iron, as well as a chance of IGAS rewards, and the Currency can trade in the market or exchange, can also consume IgOLD and IRON to enhance the level of equipment, thus making the battleship NFT can play in the game Get more rewards.

Q5 : What is the vision and mission of iFighter Infinity ? What problems are you trying to solve? Do these problems remain unsolved with the existing public blockchains?

Mark : Unlike most games on the market, iFighter Infinity does not adopt a single-token or dual-token model. We innovatively adopt a four-token model to meet the requirements of our game design. This will make Our games more playable and rich in financial aspects. This is believed to be very helpful for us to attract players to enter.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : All Question on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you!
We will continue segment 3 ❗️
Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment

Segment 3 : Live AMA Session

Q1 : What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Mark : We are focusing a lot on non-English speaking regions so this is a great question. We are already working with KOLs and community leaders in several different regions to create videos and tutorials about how to onboard and play the game.
Community is an important force in helping the project grow and we are expanding our community partnerships globally, especially in some regions with huge game markets, and we will also be working with some game guilds which will help accelerate user growth.
We have local language administrators in the iFIghter Infinity community in order to give help to users in different regions.

Q2 : What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Mark : We believe that the ecosystem in the game is much more complex than the average blockchain project, which makes the single-pass setup difficult to regulate the balance of the entire game ecosystem, as we can verify from the historical development of blockchain games.A good economic model is very important for us to attract loyal users

Q3 : Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

Mark : It is worth noting that iFigher will not have any IDO and tokens for sale, and many tokens will be locked, with very little initial circulation

Q4 : Why you choose Binance Smart chain? we see some chain pop up with good scalability too, then why you choose BSC?

Mark : At present, BSC has extremely fast block response speed and many users. Compared with Ethereum, its gas will be very cheap. In the future, we may also go to Avaxlance, polygon, etc. This is just the beginning of our project development plan!

Soo , Thanks you for AMA Session today ! AMA Session Over 🤩

For Knowledge
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Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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