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Let’s ZTH x MBN Global AMA get started❗️

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📣We will host AMA with Jason Shelby

✨During the AMA, we will often close the chat feature to smooth the question and answer session.

Segment 1 : Introduction

Host : Welcome to the ZTH Crypto community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session! we glad to meet here

Guest : Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you here. I’ll be glad to share the info about MBN Global and What’s so good about it.

Host : How are you feel today ?

Guest : All is fine thanks, Ready for the questions!

Host : Okay great! I feel very happy today to be here talking to you😊
our community hope to talk and learn more MBN Global 🙏

So let’s move to segment 1
Could you please introduce yourself and ( MBN Global ) to us at the first sesion.

Guest : let’s go , yeah ! I am Jason, I am the Community manage at, I’ve been working with the project and a team for over 2 years, we survived during the crypto winter despite it was hard! And now continue to wok on projects development. Later on you’ll be able to see more details about it
With MBN, we provide a blockchain-based tool that safely connects traders and investors thanks to its smart contract mechanics. ( helps investors in stock and crypto to reduce and control risks. We help to earn money with strong risk control.
90% of deposits operated by traders finish with the lost deposit. Investors can not find successful traders.

We utilize blockchain, smart contracts, and oracles to provide safety and transparency in these fields.

Host : Awesome thanks for explanation! Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2.
5 best question comes from the twitter!

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Q1 : Is there any other payment method besides Erc20 transfer to buy the MBN service package? Any plans to add a payment method?

Answer : Yes you can purchase the subscription plan with ETH as well. Right now we have MBN and ETH payment methods. We have plans to improve the number of option but this is not the first priority

The plans details

Q2 : I am a newbie trader and just want to learn before I start trading, do you offer any educational courses that I can learn from #MBN platform ?

Answer : N1ice question, give me a few second to type it in

We do not have a trading courses at the moment, but we have a good education content which will be useful for beginners at trading which is regularly published on our TradingView channel:

If you are a beginner or even a pro trader it’s good to join it, there is a lot of interesting and useful information in term of trading.

here’s a good example of such :
Trading Using Bollinger Bands Strategy !

Classical Definition of Bollinger Band : A Bollinger Band is a technical analysis tool defined by a set of trendlines plotted two standard deviations (positively and negatively) away from a simple moving average ( SMA ) of a security’s price, but which can be adjusted to user preferences.

Now, How to trade using Bollinger Band Strategy?

Step 1 : Add ‘Bollinger Bands’ Indicator (inbuilt) from Indicator section to your chart.

Step 2 : Identify the ‘Sideways Markets’. ( These conditions can be found during accumulation/distribution and repeat after every market cycle)

PRO TIP : Relative Strength Index ( RSI ) indicator can be used for confluence of sideways market. In sideways market, RSI is generally between 70–30.

Step 3. Buy the asset when it touches the lower band and sell the asset when it touches the upper band.

Q3 : What results has MBN Global achieved in working stability with Binance exchange over the years? And what next steps will be taken to maintain this achievement?

Answer : The main change is a radical improvement in the stability of work with the Binance exchange:

▪️Balances and orders are always synchronized — on average speed, up to 2sec.

▪️The “Insufficient funds error” has been fixed and will not happen anymore. Orders protection policies & synchronizing has been improved. In case of error on any side, synchronizing in average will take max 10sec.

▪️ System work improving during exceeding of the limit of requests per minute. As a result, you can stably place / cancel orders in the terminal during system restart & synchronizing

▪️ Data updating optimization on Rates and Order book, as a result, the terminal runs faster.

📍Up next:
▪️Binance Futures will be released in test mode first. That means, you can trade with Binance Futures limited to your own account.
▪️Once the testing is done, we’ll also work to enable it for contracts, so asset managers can trade with Binance Futures for their contracted accounts too.

Q4 : How do we get to chat and discuss with fellow traders?

Answer : Join our chat, you can communicate with traders in there:

Q5 : What is the most unique thing MBN brings to the blockchain community? How is it better than other platforms?

Answer : MBN Global is a marketplace for secure asset management via blockchain without the need for trust. MBN provides a solution, where investors can simply set up a smart contract and let proven traders trade with the investor’s money, but without any risk of fraud and clearly defined conditions like target profit and max loss. So the investor will know exactly, what to expect from this collaboration and the trader knows how much he may gain in fees for his service. MBN provides more than that, but let’s focus on this main topic for now.

👨‍💻Read the full article : What’s so great about MBN? via the link. (

Host : Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you! before entering segment 3 we have some questions for you 👌

What investors and traders can do on MBN?

Guest : Good question !
It’s simple — investors can invest in profitable traders. Traders can get investment contracts from investors. And all of this is made in a safe and transparent way for both parties. The investor is always safe with his investments, trader should be worried to receive the commissions for his work.

✍️Our TOP Traders generate a high APY

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield, the actual return earned in a year when interest is compounded. That means, every time your trading contract ends, you’ll reinvest the complete sum into your trader. The more often you repeat this, the better your return will be.
Asset manager — a trader who generates profits for the investor and receives fees in ETH, BTC, or USDT for his service.
Expected average APY:
🤘Fairlosss ( = 187.7%
🤘Apex ( = 103.4%
🤘Rohitworks ( = 66.1%

Host : MBN Token and it’s use cases?

Guest : Right now token is already used on the platform with user-to-platform functionality:
Receiving access for assets under the management ecosystem, unlocking advanced trading tools by purchasing the service plan ( and receiving Staking rewards ( in #MBN and #ETH.

With upcoming updates token will be also used in:

1)Lower rates for a commission fee on the Platform;
2) Lower rates for the fee from trading algorithms (bots);
3) Creating a Fund on the Platform.

Host : What are the problems of Assets management industry?

Guest : There are Several problem in Assets Managament industry let’s take a look on them one by one

💬 What is the real true ROI of the trader?

Investor doesn’t know whether the true statement is shown by the trader since statistics and reviews can be falsified.

The MBN platform ( uses blockchain to validate traders’ details. And this solution is called Proof-of -Trade \ Hashlog : the hash sum of traders’ transactions for the day is saved in the blockchain Ethereum Smart Contract. The block, where the hash sum is saved, is dated and cannot be counterfeited. Thus, it is impossible to save only profitable transactions in the database.

All asset management contracts concluded by traders via the MBN platform ( will be saved to the database. This information is further used to calculate traders’ success using indicators, such as ROI, rating, etc. These indicators are provided to investors, giving them a greater ability to select suitable traders.

💬How effective is the trading strategy of the trader? How an investor can protect themselves from big losses?

A positive statement that a trader demonstrates can be generated on a short section of market growth, and as soon as the “black swan” arrives, the trader can experience a flash drawdown and, as a result, the investor may be in a big loss.

Imagine the situation where investor is protected from unpredictable losses. On MBN Platform ( in order to protect the investor from large losses, a stop loss value as a percentage of the initial amount in he accounting currency is fixed in the Smart Contract.

If the amount of funds decreases to a certain value, as a result of transactions made by the trader, the contract is automatically completed. All currencies purchased by trader are automatically exchanged for the accounting currency at the exchange rate.

Host : Can traders create their own fund?

Guest : yes, with MBN Global you can do that

Create a personal Fund and manage assets of 10,000 investors🆒

With Assets group functionality you do — connect up to 10,000 investors API Keys to your account and operate them as one.

10,000 investors in your personal Fund with

Asset Groups ( is a function that is available on MBN platform (, which allows a trader to combine several contracts on one exchange into one group and create orders for the entire group at once.

Host : What is sell-to-base mechanism?

Guest : The sell-to-base mechanism operates with assets on the trader’s balance: when the contract between trader and investor is finished (due to max loss, duration, or target profit) this mechanism sells all assets to initial assets like BTC/ETH/USDT. It means investor get back his BTC/ETH/USDT instead of a box of altcoins.

Investor Alice and trader Bob concluded a contract with 1 BTC. Bob bought ETH using ETH/BTC market with the aim to gain profit. But market falls and the contract was closed due to max loss. MBN platform automatically sells ETH to BTC and Alice gets back BTC. Without this mechanism, Alice gets back ETH and keep losses.

This is one of the advantages of MBN platform.
Be safe.

Host : How can I register in the service as a trader or investor?

Guest : To use the Platform as a trader or investor it is necessary to log in, using the Ethereum wallet signature, for example via Metamask on a PC or Trust Wallet, Cipher, Coinbase wallets on a mobile phone.

The registration method with usage of Ethereum node is very safe because the MBN Global Platform does not store user registration data and it cannot be stolen!

1️⃣Try MBN.Global:

2️⃣Here’s the Video Guide which will help you to create an account:

JS94, [20/12/2020 20:44]

Host : Great answers! We will continue segment 3 . Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment ❗️ ❗️ ❗️

Segment 3: Live AMA Session

Q1 : A partnership is essential for Adoption, so can you tell us what partners you have now and in the future?

Answer : One of the most closest to be launched is Binance futures on MBN Platform

▪️Binance Futures will be released in test mode first. That means, you can trade with Binance Futures limited to your own account.
▪️Once the testing is done, we’ll also work to enable it for contracts, so asset managers can trade with Binance Futures for their contracted accounts too.

Why you should use MBN from the perspective of an investor▪️

Simply said, as an investor, you let chosen traders with verified and proven benchmarks generate more passive income for you with your money, but you’ll always have full control over your assets.
Moreover, the MBN technology allows you to diversify your portfolio between multiple traders and trading algorithms at the same time. You can divide your single API into several trading contracts without any interference.
Connect your favourite crypto exchanges by API
To do so, you’ll need to connect your crypto exchange accounts via API to the MBN platform once. This is a known and secure way to give access to your assets without sending them to someone and losing control. Currently, supported crypto exchanges are: Binance Kucoin Huobi Bittrex

Find the best trader for you on MBN▪️
Once you did this, you can check out traders, which use the MBN platform and see how they perform. It is all logged in the MBN blockchain and can’t be faked like, for example on Twitter with some photoshopped screenshots. There is also a simple profit calculator, which helps to find the best trader for you.

Transparent and clear conditions
You can check what conditions each trader offers, which are:
Trader’s fee (based on profit generated)
Duration time
Target profit
Max loss

You will only pay trading fees if the trader made a profit

Next, you’ll have to pay the trader’s fee upfront, which will then be locked in the smart contract and only be paid related to the profit generated. If the trader generates no profit, you won’t pay any fees.
The trader then can start trading with your money. Once he reaches either the target profit, max loss or the duration is over, the smart contract ends automatically and the fee will be calculated. At this point, the trader can’t trade anymore with your funds.
If the trader reached the target profit, he gets the full fees paid
If the trader made a loss or reached the max loss, no fees will be paid
If the duration runs out with a positive profit, fees will be calculated based on the profit made

👨‍💻Why you should use MBN from the perspective of a trader

As a trader, you can finally show your trading qualities in a proven way that can’t be faked, as it is logged on the MBN platform. This will greatly help you attract new investors.
Attract big investors and get access to way more funds

You may even attract investors who have much more money available than you usually have yourself. So you can trade with your investor’s funds and get the fees paid for the profit you’ve generated. Have a look at the examples above.

🔥Advanced features available
As a trader, you can connect your exchange accounts by a secure API connection and manage your portfolio from a single trading desk.

From the trading terminal available on the MBN platform, you can access features, which are not available on exchanges itself, such as orders without locking balance and many automated conditions. Also, you can use the group order feature to manage your portfolio and multiple contracts using single order management, which may come handy, if you are a fund manager.

🔥Everything controlled by Ethereum smart contracts
As smart contracts control everything, you can focus on your trading skills. Once the target profit or max loss is reached, the trading will be stopped automatically by the smart contract and fees will be calculated and paid (if profit made).

Q2 : What benefits do you get as an MBN holder?

Answer : 🤑🤘One of it is the Staking Program :

Q3 : Is there any other payment method besides Erc20 transfer to buy the MBN service package? Any plans to add a payment method?

Answer : yes, you can use both MBN or ETH.
Check the details here (

Host : All Question that Jason Shelby like is already answered ! Great AMA Thanks to MBN Global taking the time to join AMA today.!!

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