Recap AMA Session SUPA Foundation X ZTH Crypto

Let’s go ZTH x SUPA Foundation AMA get started❗️
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During the 𝗔𝗠𝗔, we will often close the chat feature to smooth the question and answer session.
AMA Guidelines:
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 1: Introduction
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 2: Twitter Question, Team will choose 5 Question on Twitter.
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 3: Live 𝗔𝗠𝗔, In last selection, We open a chat in our group so that the community can ask questions directly. Our guests then select and answer the 5 best questions in it.
🎁 Total rewards quantity will be $100, have fun!

Segment 1 : Introduction

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Hello everyone and welcome to Zero to Hero Crypto , Thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We will host AMA today !!!

Encore | Supa.Foundation : Hey guys! Salam Sejahtera! Thanks for having us looking forward to sharing SUPA Foundation with the ZTH Crypto community!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: How are you feel today ?

Prince(Will never DM for funds) : Yeah my feeling is being SUPA Pumped!

Encore | Supa.Foundation : Feeling SUPA!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: The best project 🤖 Let’s start with your and your team’s introduction! Which are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on SUPA Foundation ?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): I’m Princeton also known as @SleepingDog88 or SUPA Dog. I’m the Digital Marketing and Strategist of SUPA Foundation and am based in Malaysia. My background is mainly in Customer Experience with 10 years of experience in the scene. I have been into Crypto since 2017 and have since built my own mining machine which I then sold after 4 Months running it. Since then I’ve been into crypto joining communities and learning about crypto everyday.

Encore | Supa.Foundation : I’m the CEO/CTO for SUPA Foundation, have started crypto around 2012. I have over 17 years of experience in development in general and in blockchain! Back then i was a student. I remember submitting a bug bounty to CoinBase and received 1BTC. Unfortunately being a student back then i was poor! So i sold it for only $1000! 😂.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Oh very nice to hear about your team experience also in real life connected to crypto, something very rare to see!

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Oh yeah We currently have 7 members in our team all with their own specific skillsets and we’re in the process of recruiting more too!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : are you from malaysia? it’s very close to indonesia

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Yeah! we are like 2 hours away from each other

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Yes we are Malaysian :)

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team]: Come to Indonesia 😎

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Yeah Southeast Asia has the best food!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Back to the topic of AMA Session,

What is the gameplay like? What are the major plans ahead?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: The first game is an NFT-based play-to-earn PVP turned based unique game. It will be a card game meets tower defense meets tile board game. Think of Magic the Gathering/Hearthstone meets Plants versus Zombies. So unlike traditional card games, units are manually controlled by players as they move across the board. We will also have mini-games with the first mini-game planned for late Q1 2022 where users will be in a battle royale/deathmatch to earn Mutation Points. These Mutation Points will let you purchase our NFT card packs AKA Pods. The cards themselves are also NFTs and are upgradeable.

As for our major plans, our main goal for SupaFoundation is to build the first and best metaverse on the Fantom blockchain. Our SUPA Token will be the main utility within our metaverse and the sale of our NFTs on the 20th will be the gateway to the first game within our metaverse. We plan to build this metaverse through rich storytelling with participation from our community. We also plan to release more games with different genres down the road which will be built on our story of our ever expanding metaverse. Please do check out our whitepaper at for all the info.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Sound Good! can you explain about the sale of our NFTs on the 20th?

Encore | Supa.Foundation : The NFT pre-sale on the 20th will be for the Genesis Crew Role that you can obtain by joining our discord. Our new SUPA Portal will be released alongside this and it looks very awesome! Cant wait to share it soon. Our NFTs themselves are in the form of SUPACells and Viruses. They come with 7 different attributes and will have different rarities. They are also animated and have their own sound! So do check out our discord and other socials for more info! Excited for tomorrow!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Can you provide a link ?

Encore | Supa.Foundation:

Our SUPA portal will be live in the next few hours

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : how much NFTs will be mint and can explain the types of NFTs cards and benefits?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: There will be 5000 SUPACells and viruses each. There will be no more for sale after the 10,000. Our SUPACell and Virus NFT holders will be the ones who will be creating new ones via breeding and can be resold on our SUPA Marketplace. Our SUPACells and Viruses carry with them 7 different attributes called mutations these will be used in NFT farming to be able to redeem Card Packs also known as Pods. The Pods can be opened to obtain cards of different rarities. The cards and pods themselves can be traded on the SUPA Marketplace. There will be different rarities for SUPACells and Viruses, Pods and cards. The cards are also upgradeable

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: fantastic 👀 Can you tell me good reasons that your project is here for the long run and has a real utility that will increase the demand for the token in the future?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): SUPA Foundation is a GameFi Metaverse long-term project. Our $SUPA token will govern the entire SUPA Foundation ecosystem. It’s fully audited and based on the OpenZeppelin standard libraries assuring security. Our $SUPA token will be used for purchases of in-game NFTs, secondary marketplace, NFT lending and NFT breeding. All SUPA tokens for SUPA Marketplace listing and NFT breeding will be burned. We are currently working with the Top DEX on Fantom Blockchain Spookyswap and also Spiritswap to have yield farming. We will also later have single asset staking for SUPA whereby users can stake SUPA to obtain loyalty points to obtain in-game NFTs. All of our NFTs released will be able to be bought and sold on our SUPA Marketplace after our NFT Launch on 20th January. Whitelisting is still ongoing. We will also be listing on CEX very soon and more to follow! Follow our discord/telegram to stay tuned! So if you want to dive into the Fantom Ecosystem our project will be one of the first you should look at.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Can you provide proof audit ?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Please find attached

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: What marketing strategies has the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the SUPA Foundation ? 👀

Prince(Will never DM for funds): We’re working with top tier influencers on the Fantom blockchain and beyond. Being the first real GameFi on Fantom, we have a unique and privileged spot thereby allowing us to have minimal competition on the Fantom space to grow. We also hold AMAs with communities worldwide to bring a vast number of investors and players for our GameFi Metaverse project! Nevertheless, we feel marketing is only one aspect but the more important aspect is our community growth. We love our SUPA community! Our main community lives on discord . We have our SUPAVerse story where users can follow and engage in fun tasks sort of like a mini game while interacting with the story. We also hold community events and we’ve received really positive feedback from these events. Come join us if you have not already! It’s still not too late to get whitelisted via our discord channel for our NFT launch tomorrow! We strongly believe strong fundamentals such as our strong community, token and NFT utility alongside marketing will ensure SUPA Foundation’s long term success.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: very great 🔥Lastly Does the team have a roadmap in place ? and if so , how has it been kept up with so far ?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Yes we do have a roadmap in place, you can follow our roadmap on our whitepaper here : . So far, we will be launching our SUPACells and Virus NFTs in 2 days. Our timeline is still on point and has always been met promptly. That is point number 3 in our Phase 2 of our Roadmap. 10,000 NFTs will be available to be minted during our PreSale on 20th January @ 2PM UTC & subsequently a Public sale on 21st January @ 2PM UTC as well. Remember to join our discord for more updates and to whitelist yourself for the presale on the 20th of January.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Cool, Great thank you for answering questions from segment 1 !
Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2 and 5 best question comes from the twitter.

Are you ready guys ?

Encore | Supa.Foundation : Lets go!

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Q1 : I read on the Supa Foundation website that this game project is very supportive for NFT assets, so what value & benefits can be added when players hold their NFT? Can the NFT they hold have a say in any feature enhancements and project development plans ?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): So players who own either the SUPACell or Virus NFT will be able to farm Mutation Points. These mutations in these SUPACells and viruses are basically elements, such as fire, water, ice etc. However, we have decided to rename elements into mutations as it is more relevant to a virus/SUPACell. These mutations will be part of our NFT farming mechanics where users will be able to redeem various card packs we call Pods and these Pods themselves are NFTs that can be opened for cards or sold on the secondary marketplace. The Cards obtained from the Pods are upgradeable and have different rarities. So being an early adopter will get you an advantage just before our main game launch.

Q2 : Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and there are many new platforms under development. So what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have plans to grow there?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Our team is mainly based in Malaysia and we love the Southeast Asian community. It has a very strong market especially in Indonesia and Vietnam. There are also many successful projects and talented developers that have originated from this region. Our vision is to be one of the successful ones that will be mainstream in the near future. We already have a Southeast Asian community and plan to continue engaging with the Southeast Asian market to further grow our community.

Q3 : Gaming sector is extremely competitive & many platforms had to work very hard to reach their current user numbers. How will your team compete with the existing gaming platforms & what extra will you offer to get the gamers from the other platforms?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Yes, we hope to capture the hearts of the indonesian community!
Our game is one of the Unique games that is designed from scratch. As far as we know, no one competitor has the same idea as ours. We are a long term project with an idea of making the Metaverse expand into an exhilarating and immersive story which will follow into the game itself. We will be launching a mini-game before our real game as well as we progress. Additionally being the first GameFi on the Fantom blockchain will give us a headstart in its huge untapped market where its TVL has recently even surpassed Polygon.

Q4 : NFTs gaming is currently adopted with low player base due to relatively expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. So what strategies is SupaFoundation implementing to attract a large group of newcomers?What are your next steps to build a thriving community ?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): We plan to allow players to rent their NFTs to others. This will allow players who are not able to own an NFT to play the game as well. In most games today, there are two major currencies to progress further; time and money. This will be the same for our game; if you do not want to spend money, you can spend time instead, and vice versa. There is also our sFuel programme where you can collect sFuel that is later redeemable for in-game items! In this case, those who already bought their NFT early can rent to another player for a relatively low cost if they want to, so that other players will still enjoy the game. This way no one player is left out and people can make friends along the way. Our next steps is to make ranked matches and leaderboards so people can challenge themselves to be seen and recognized for their efforts.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Great Feature “rent their NFTs to others”
only SUPA Foundation has this feature 👀
Last Twitter Question !

Q5 : Winning is the most interesting part of the NFT gaming industry. #SupaFoundation allows players to not only have fun playing, but also invest their time and money to get a great return as profit So, What are the different ways to earn income that #SFoundation offers to its users?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Our game will be very engaging as it has multiple facets such as collecting, upgrading and building your own deck and dueling other players strategically. It is also challenging to players therefore winning a game will be very rewarding. As for earning, there will be multiple mechanics that will enable players to earn such as collecting mutation points through NFT farming and winning games to redeem our card packs also known as Pods. Pods themselves are resalable or can be opened for a chance to obtain rare cards. These cards are also NFTs and can be resold. Our SUPACell and Virus NFTs that will be launching tomorrow will have NFT farming, breeding and lending mechanics as well. These utilities will enable users to generate income while having loads of fun playing the game!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: That’s amazing! 🥰 Remember to join our discord for more updates and to whitelist yourself for the presale on the 20th of January.

Question on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you!
We will continue segment 3 ❗️
Everyone please prepare your questions, chat will be opened for Telegram Segment 📣

Segment 3 : Live AMA Session

Q1 : Can you share to us your tokenomics? How much is the total and circulation supply of your tokens? Will there be buy back system or token burning in the future?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Yes. Our tokenomics can be found on our website https:// supa. foundation/ whitepaper . Total tokens we have is 100M and based on our tokenomics, we have approximately 4% of it in circulation. There will be a burn mechanism during such as during our SUPA Marketplace listing and our NFT breeding. https:// discord. com/ invite/ 7zP4fs3U3N

Q2: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Encore | Supa.Foundation: Most definitely we wont be where we are today if not for our awesome SUPA community! We always liste, engage and open votes to our community as we want the best for our community and remain fully transparent.
Our Smart contracts are fully audited. For our SUPA token please find the smart contract as attached. It is also using the OpenZeppelin standard library to ensure quality and safety of code. As for our NFTs, NFT marketplace and NFT farming, we got two independent audits to ensure they are safe and do not contain bugs. Please find them attached

Q3: Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them??” Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yield farm or NFT in the future?

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Right now you can purchase our tokens on Spookyswap or Spiritswap on the Fantom blockchain! We are currently discussing terms with Spookyswap and Spiritswap the top DEX’s on Fantom regarding staking and yield farming. Also we are announcing our listing of CEX very soon!

So stay tuned and follow our socials closely as we announce them!

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team: Great AMA Session today ! Thanks you

Prince(Will never DM for funds): Thank you too @Brymanager and to the Indonesian Community of ZTH Crypto!
If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to come over to our discord to ask us
Thank you
@Brymanager for hosting us and thank you ZTH Crypto for the awesome questions

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Sure ! We Pinned

Encore | Supa.Foundation: We look forward to seeing you on our discord soon!

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