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— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 1: Introduction
— 𝗦𝗲𝗴𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 2: Quiz
🎁 Total rewards quantity will be $100, have fun!

Segment 1 : Introduction

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Hello everyone and welcome to Zero to Hero Crypto! Thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We will host AMA today !!!

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : hello guys

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : How are you feel today ? 👀

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : I’m excited! you guys have a cool community here

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : [In reply to WonderNaleine | No DMs pls]
Great and thanks you 😍

So let’s move to segment 1 : Introduction 🔥
Go it

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Q1 : Let’s start with your and your team’s introduction! Which are your past experiences and roles? How many members currently work on Wonderhero ?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : 18 members. Key members as follows:
Ethan Ng — Co-Founder & CEO
Ethan covers all key decisions from product, marketing to strategy and leading the company through its vision. Ethan was Southeast Asia CEO for, a Top 20 Crypto exchange with daily volume of 50M. He was also the Marketing Lead for Huobi Global, a Top 3 Crypto exchange and covered position as Digital Marketing for a bank in Singapore along with 7 years of marketing experience in the startup space.
L — Co-Founder & CTO
L is responsible for the formation and management of the R&D team, and as a producer of game products, he is responsible for the design and development of the game. L also has extensive results and rich experience in the fields of games, centralized exchanges and DeFi.
He was the Tech VP of a Top 20 exchange, responsible for the management and product development of the exchange’s tech team; at the same time, he also has rich experience in decentralized products such as liquidity mining and lending.
L was the CTO and chief producer of boutique game studio and has experience in the production of a variety of game products; under the leadership of L, the game studio completed the development of the MOBA game product version in only half a year, and received an investment of 5M USD in the industry; L also has extensive experience in the AR VR field.
Zander Liang — CMO
Zander organizes the marketing behind Wonder Hero, building close relations with KOLs, communities and media.
He was the co-founder of GCUBE, a game guide website and YouTube channel based in Indonesia that produced in-depth game articles and tutorials for popular games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and more. He was responsible for leading the team and the content strategy. At its peak, the website served ~1.8 million pageviews in a month and the YouTube channel has over 65K subscribers.
Zander has 10 years of experience in the games industry. Prior to GCUBE, he was co-founder of a mobile game development studio which was acquired in 2017.
Priscilla Thoo — Operations VP
Priscilla is responsible for all blockchain and game operations while being a gamer by heart. She was Operations Manager for a Top 20 exchange, responsible for operations, listings, campaigns, product development, community and customer service.
She was also Operations Manager for Huobi Global, covering operations of global markets.
Priscilla has over 10 years in the traditional finance trading industry.
Zion — Tech VP
Zion is the main integrator between blockchain and traditional mobile game.
He has 4 years of experience in technical architecture design with R&D of blockchain systems. He was also a tech architect for a NYSE listed company, engaging in design and R&D of inclusive financial services. Prior to coming into the blockchain space, Zion held the position of a senior engineer of a financial social network that acquired 500,000 users.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Btw, when you’re done answering any question, you can say “DONE” so that we can move to the next Question 👀

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Oh very nice to hear about your team experience also in real life connected to crypto, something very rare to see! 🔥

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : yeah, a dream team hihi

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Q2 : Out of curiosity, why did you choose this name? Is there any backup story?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : The amazing heroes are mostly female with a strong image, together, they can achieve wonders, also inspired by the strong image of WonderWoman 😁

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : [In reply to WonderNaleine | No DMs pls]
Good , simple story 😜

Q3: Can you elaborate the ecosystem, how it works? What’s the revenue model?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : sure!

WonderHero’s ecosystem will comprise mainly of the Game, NFT Marketplace, NFT assets on Polygon, Mining, communities of Yield System, OpenSea NFT marketplace and lastly exchanges for liquidity.

WonderHero Open Economy
For a limited time or limited quantity basis, players will be able to purchase WonderHero NFT Boxes (WonderBox) using USDT and get 5 random NFTs (guaranteed to have 1 Hero Skin, 1 Weapon and 3 Equipment). 3 Heroes and 3 corresponding weapons are required to kickstart WonderHero. The game charges a 5% transaction fee and 95% goes to DAO, which will be used for liquidity mining. NFT box feature will be deactivated shortly when the user base and open market for WonderHero NFTs grows.

Open Market of WND & HON
The value of WND and HON will be determined by supply and demand in the open market, there also options for players to stake WonderHero’s NFTs or WND tokens and unlock WND rewards.

Usage of WND
WND is required to upgrade Heroes, Weapons and Biochips, when the WND is expended in the upgrading transaction, the platform charges 5% fee while the remaining 95% will be placed in Liquidity pools and Mining rewards. The direction of these 95% of WND funds will be further determined according to market trends and handed to DAO as the game matures.

Stakers of WND will get WND rewards, the rewards are managed by DAO and the source of funds is 95% of the revenue from NFT box sale. 95% of revenue from NFT Marketplace will be used as the fund for Mining Rewards.
The mining yield will be decided by WonderHero Development team at the early stages, mainly for stability of the token economy. As the game matures, this aspect will be handed to DAO for voting of the yield rewards percentage.

Yield System
An in-game balanced co-sharing responsibility economy between “sponsors” and “scholars” to thrive together. There will be Lending/Borrowing functions and more updates of this feature will be coming up.

As WND is the governance token of WonderHero, WND stakers will form the DAO and be able to vote as for future features or adjustments.

Blockchain Technology
WND and HON are standard tokens based on the ERC20 and BEP20 protocol, which will solely on Polygon(MATIC) network. Built on cross-chain bridge solution from ERC20 and BSC to link to Polygon where it is built for very low gas fees and quick transaction speeds, an ideal environment for gaming experience. At the same time, the heroes, weapons, equipment and items in the game will be released as NFT assets based on the ERC721 protocol. Players have full ownership of NFT assets and can trade freely in Market Place.

Bridging Solution
To enhance user experience, a bridging solution has been built to ensure in-game seamless experience, a player no longer needs to switch between web browsers for blockchain transactions and the game. Every action needed on the blockchain is within the game and transactions like upgrading NFTs is almost instantaneous within the game platform. The bridging solution called WonderHub, helps to bridge deposits and withdrawals from BSC/ETH to Polygon (MATIC) network as well as minting, upgrading or buying and selling NFTs using Polygon network.

Revenue model: Marketplace transaction fees 5%. Consumption of WND and HON to upgrade heroes and adding more utilities to WND as governance token, more usage of tokens lead to better liquidity.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : [In reply to WonderNaleine | No DMs pls]
Kudos on the great job! 🥳

Q4: What is the gameplay like?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : In the far future, Earth has been polluted by the aftermath of nuclear war, with the last of human civilization moving to inhabit the massive space station, Icarus VI. Decades later, the first group of students from the Hero Academy onboard Icarus VI was sent back to Earth on a recon mission. What they found was not a recovering paradise, but one inhabited by unimaginable monstrosities…

There are 17 interesting heroes. Each hero champions their own style of combat from frontline medic to tankers or attackers. Players would customize Heroes and build the team to match their playstyle.
Challenging Tactical Battles

Positioning is key! Move around the battlefield to optimize damage by catching as many foes as possible in attack grid.
It requires skill and strategy to turn the tides of the game.

Defeat Boss Monsters

Many boss fights come with specific parts that can be destroyed. Earn a chance to get rarer rewards when you do so! To break boss parts, you need weapons with the right element!

Comprehensive Equipment System

Over 400 different equipment to collect, including hero-specific and equipment sets which grant powerful and unique abilities!

Variety of PVE and PVP Events
Experience many different gameplay modes such as
• Face foes in a PVP battle Arena
• A series of stages that chronicles the events of the Story
• Challenge yourself in a Rogue-like survival arena known as the “Infinite War”
• Earn HON and WND from exciting events

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Q5: Brief introduction about the project. Can players earn money in this project? Please explain the play-to-earn mechanisms.

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : good question, WonderHero is a play to earn mobile RPG game. The anime inspired turn based game is on iOS and Android platform where players collect Heroes, Weapons and equipment to enter RPG combat and play to earn tokens in a fantasy world. Every Hero in WonderHero boasts unique skills, ultimate skills and properties that allow it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further customization evolving from the game’s system. Players’ heroes fight in real-time and can be commanded to attack enemies with skills, giving the game a strategic and interactive gameplay.

Key Features:
• Turn-Based RPG Combat — Final Fantasy-inspired RPG battles with awesome abilities and critical effects.
• 100+ Variations of Heroes Collection — tons of Unique Heroes to collect, upgrade to suit your playstyle.
• 400+ Weapons and Equipment NFTs
• PvP and PVE Modes — compete against others online or play solo.

WonderHero is a fun and graphically engaging game, it has incorporated a game storyline and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game. The WonderHero’s economics is designed to reward players for their contributions to the game. This new model of gaming has been dubbed “play to earn”, as seen from the success of Axie Infinity with $84.9M in 1 month.


Players can earn by:
• Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get HON + WND
• Upgrading weapons, equipment, and selling them on the NFT marketplace
• Collecting and speculating on rare weapons
• Farming for Honor (HON) and WND that are needed to upgrade Weapons. HON and WND will be listed in DEXes for trading
• Staking valuable NFT to get WND rewards
• Staking WND and get WND rewards
• Taking part co-sharing economy from WonderHero Yield System

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : That’s awesome! 🥰

Q6 : How to Play WonderHero ?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : We have created a guide in our whitepaper on how to start playing with WonderHero.

This helps them start 😉

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Thanks for sharing

Q7 : What are the major plans ahead?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : Hmmm.. We have PVP and leaderboard where everyone gets placed in a random 30 player group and top 3 wins lots of tokens. Ranking gets refreshed weekly.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Q8 : What contribution can you make to NFT games?

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : Play to earn game, but really fun and in an inclusive global community

Nice , Q9: Lets go into the Tokenomics of the native Token and what are some of it’s usecases ? As well as how someone would obtain the Token ?

We have lots of usecases: staking, consumption to upgrade + many more in development for guilds and pvp. You can obtain it by buying on PancakeSwap or playing to earn.

WHALERUSH | ZTH Team : Lastly , Q10 : Does the team have a roadmap in place ? and if so , how has it been kept up with so far ?

Next Segment 2 : Quiz

Total Reward $100 🔥

WonderNaleine | No DMs pls : We delivered most of the roadmap posted on our website, the remaining piece is PVP and leaderboard which will happen in a matter of days. 😉😉

Team is keeping tight of the upcoming roadmap as a surprise and most are under development stage.

For Knowledge 👀

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Segment 2 : Quiz

WonderHero Quiz!

Thank you to the participants who participated in the AMA Session!

Segment 2 : Knowledge Quiz!

Please answer correctly! Reward $100 ( FCFS )



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