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Segment 1 : Introduction

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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here: Damien King Founder & CEO. How are you feel today ?

A1 : Hey Everyone!

Thanks for having me! I’m pretty good. Its just getting a little late over here. I’m based in Brisbane Australia so its 11pm on Thurs.

Q2 : Segment 1, please introduce yourself first so that we all here are more familiar with the figure of(Puml Health)

A2 : Yes, so as mentioned I’m the founder, my background is in software development and engineering. I created my first startup in 2009 which was a SaaS based business and I had a modest Exit from that company in 2012. I’ve started mining bitcoin in 2012 and I’ve been involved in the technology on and off over the last few years. I really liked the idea of Eth when it came out about distributed apps. And thats one of the reasons why I created PUML Better Health.

So you can do 2 things.

1.> Get more active in health and wellness

2.> Protect your health data on blockchain.

That was the initial whitepaper and we have been developing since then then platform has evolved to be become a mobile Dapp that helps corporates and brands gamify fitness and wellness challenges to help improve the health of their employees and customers. However the overall vision is that we can help motivate, reward and protect peoples data from all over the world in a decentralised system where you own your data and you can earn token rewards for sharing that data. So the Beta version of the app has Step Challanges, distance challenges and team challenges

But we are also adding.

Heart Rate Challenges

Calorie Challenges

Sleep Challenges

Mediation Challenges and more.

The app also has a Video streaming services for LIVE stream workouts and educational videos around health and wellbeing that we hope to charge token or cash for a premium subscription. We have a great team, with strong advisors from Blockchain, NASA, Financial advisors and experts in their field. We have grown the team to have Sales and Marketing, as well as 2 of our own coaches.

Q3 : Awesome, Thank for your explanation . Some introductory question have already been answered and we will enter segment 2.
5 best question comes from the twitter.

Segment 2 : Twitter Question

Top 5 Best Question in Twitter

Q1 : We are already ending the year, a year of great volatility in the market, what were the goals achieved this year and what will be the participation of your ecosystem for the next year?

A1 : Ok, great question. Wow what a crazy year 2020! We have actually seen the opportunity in Covid as our platform is all around preventative health. So this year has really helped our story that health and wellbeing is very important to companys and govenments and everyone should be investing in their own health first. The goals we achieved were many this year. We are very new. Last year in 2019 we worked with 2 Universities, the University of Queensland and New York University in US. This helped us qualify how we can create behavioural changes in people by motivating them with token rewards, leaderboards and gamifications. 2020 has all been about executions. Firstly we Minted our tokens in May. Then we released several code services into productions. We won 2 grants worth over $200K , We completed our Beta Version iOS app in June

Completed Android Beta App July And our goal for this year was to get our first users and sign some corporate pilots.So far we have over 3500 users in last 90 days. We signed and completed 6 Corporate pilots and signed a number of brands onto our platform. We have expaned our team by 3 new people Signed new revenue clients and made some very impressive partnerships. This week we launched our Token on

Q2: Partnerships seem to be very important. How’s the status of PUML partnerships? Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently?

A2 : Yes we agree partnerships are very important. We have been working with a number of our advisors to help develop these partnerships. Our key partner of 2020 is really

They have supported us with development support, PR and marketing. They have introduced us to other investment partners and angle groups. They have also provided a equity free grant to us as one of the top Covid19 apps of 2020. We are also working with a number of other partners. In our industry. As mentioned we also work with University of Queensland. And this has opened the door to QLD government who we are discussing how our app can be used to improve health of Australians. We have a partnership relationship with wearable brands as well, Fitbit and Garmin. Plus we are working on a special partnership with some key mobile phone brands. We were originally trying to develop our dapp on Ethereum and it was very difficult to make it work which is why we moved to EOSIO.

Since then we have started to develop relationships and partnerships with that community.

We are supported by one of the top Block Producers and also EOSwriter has met with us and helps support us.

Q3: Tokens of projects plummeted prices, causing a lot of loss for investors. With your project, what will you do to make your project stable and bring the highest return to investors in the long run? What are the real strengths of the project?

A3 : Our token is a reward utility token and it has its core place on our platform. Our project has worked on a number of tokenomic equations to ensure there is token velocity

The key difference our our Dapp is we are more commercial than many other blockchain tokens.

We have a real product with real users. And Corporates and Brands need to purchases our tokens to provide rewards for their staff. As more corporates are added to our project, there will be more tokens that will be aquired. We are trying to bring non-crypto people to our app as well as crypto. So we are custodians for the corporate tokens. This means unlike other projects we have businesses buying our token. In addition to that our token is required for certain utilities in our project. Such as getting access to content.

In order to keep your digital health record

So there is real utility for the user as well.

Because we are a mobile app We expect to be able to scale to Millions of users. Each user that joins will lock up token rewards. Which means the price should be more stable and as we grow the demand will grow and supply will drop. We are also looking at developing some DiFi elements into our project

That are linked to Token rewards.


You need to stake tokens for 3months and if you walk 5k steps per day you get a 5% bonus on your stake.

This will be developed in 2021. We are also looking at a Ethereum Wrapped token wPUML in the future so we have great interoperability

We are very early.

Token is very cheap now. When Corporates start buying more then there will be more price movement.

We will also list on larger exchanges in 2021.

Q4: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to PUML platform and keep them long term ?

A4 : Marketing can be very expensive however we have a good business model for growth.

We are a B-2-B-2-C model.

That means we approach a company which may have 10K employees so if we sign them this is a great aquisition tool. If you don’t have corporate job you can also join our project and join a Brand Challenge. This month we have Footlock brand. By selling to brands, this helps us also market ourselves and bring in new users. We are also building the product with new gamified aquisition features. The latest verison on iOS now has a referral system where you recieve 20 PUML and every person you invite recieves 20 PUML. We are also adding lots of social elements such as creating your own Team for virtual step/running challenges and inviting your friends. These product features will help with marketing and aquisition. Finally we will continue to work with

They helps us get some press and marketing in Cointelegraph And we will continue to invest in marketing as we grow. But we are very early and currently focusing more on product and Revenue.

We are open to tips. :)

Q5: Could you please provide some info about your Roadmap and how PUML HEALTH is progressing so far?

A5 : Yes we have had a great 2020 with meeting our roadmap targets of releasing our beta apps, signing some corporate pilots and releasing our token. Next year roadmap is all about adding additional fun gamified challenges into the app. Next month we will be releasing a new teams feature where anyone can create their own team to compete in a virtual running challenge. We also have some great news that we have signed a very large enterpirse company with over 10K employees. They require us to deliver a meditaion challenge and a sleep challenge. These will need to be complete and released in Q1 of 2021.

We will also look at releasing our Token onto a major exchange And we may do some venture capital raising some more funds to help us expand from 30 countries to 100 countries globally.

Finally as mentioned our roadmap includes adding a new type of DeFi where we integrate health data and yield PUML based on how active you are. This could be a very fun way to improve your health and your wealth.

We expect to get to 100K users in 2021 and to be revenue positive.

So it will be a great year if we hit all our roadmap targets.

ZTH Host : Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you , We will continue segment 3

Segment 3 : Live AMA Session

So we have around (500+) messages Feel free to choose 5 or more questions you like and answer them

Q1 : What benefits do people who do not belong to a company that is using PUML have? How can we get PUML fitness coins too?

A2 : So anyone can download the app and join public challenges by Brands. We have had over 10 brands run challenges on our platform and all of them provide PUML token as a reward if you complete the challenge. Such as walk 300K steps in 30 days. If you finish in top 20 you would win a large token reward. There are also personal challenges you can complete without being connected to a company. Finally we also integrate with gyms.

Q2 : what are the ways that your project generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?

A2 : The revenue model is the Corporate pays us to use our app as a Corporate Wellness Challenge platform. We can run step, sleep mediation challenges on the app and they reward their team with our tokens for completing them.

This is example of a large Blockchain company that used us for their employees. They did challenges of Steps and eating and got great results from using us.

So the corproate pays us

1.> Platform fee

2.> Cost per month per employee

3.> Token cost

Q3 : Can I stake $PULM token ?
What are the Staking criterias ?

A3 : Not yet samual but we are working on a new contract that will allow you to stake and earn rewards with bonus returns based on how active you are. Watch this space in 2021. Now is good time to HODL until we release this. But we have already locked up over 30% of tokens for rewarding staking and activity

Q4 : Who is your typical partner? What is the benefit of cooperation for both?

A4 : I think you mean typical customer maybe. We are looking for businesses in Australia, Singapore and UK at the moment. These are companies with more than 1000 employees.

We are also looking for brands like NIKE, etc that would like to pay to sponsor a virtual challenge. This would mean NIKE would need to buy our tokens to provide as a reward.

Thanks everyone for all your questions and thanks for your interest in our project. PUML Better Health!

ZTH Host : Question that Damien King like is already answered

Great AMA Thanks to PUML Health for taking the time to join AMA today.!!

Thanks you Puml Health For AMA Session

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