Recap AMA Vulpos X ZTHCrypto

Thank you Vulpos (VPX) for Ask Me Anything (AMA) in ZTHCrypto 9th September 2020. Best Speaker Joseph (Chief Operating Officer )

Segment 1 :Introduction

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Q1 : Welcome to the ZTH community, thanks for taking the time for today’s AMA session!
We are glad to meet here:
Joseph @Josephadmo

A1: I am doing great, thank you . Hope everyone is doing well here

Q2 : I’m happy to hear it 😊, our community hopes to talk and learn more with the Vulpos ! So let’s move to segment 1
Could you please introduce yourself and (Vulpos) to us at the first sesion.

A2 : Vulpos is a global real estate company focused on the high end market. We are a FULL STACK real estate company, so we are vertically integrated which is very unique. We do everything from design to investing to development to branding to management and deliver the total end product to the consumer directly. This way we know every piece of the puzzle, similar to how Apple makes iPhone, Vulpos makes Homes. Recently, we introduced $VPX -- the REAL ESTATE CRYPTOCURRENCY to allow people globally to become part of our great ecosystem!

Segment 2 : Twitter Q&A

Best Question

Q1: Crisis means new opportunities! What opportunities did the Vulpos team see in this pandemic crisis?

A1 : Vulpos has been very involved in Covid relief to provide solutions for our clients. Of course we implement all the regular cleaning protocols for guests, it was already top quality but now we implement social distancing and self / automated check-in. We actually see an increase in demand for our homes and we are using this in our strategy to increase our homes outside of the city. We see many people coming to us that want to travel or Work From Home and want to be outside of the city. We have many luxury homes in remote locations and assist perfectly in this! People that are afraid to go to hotel book with us and feel comfortable. We believe this trend will continue even after Covid as people see the value of Work From Home as well and want to have a beautiful environment to do this from. Vulpos Homes is perfect for this, with nice bright designs, high speed internet of course and all amenities you need to enjoy succesful Work From Home!

Q2 : In this pandemic, many people affraid to reach or live in a new place. As a real estate platform, How did Vulpos team facing this pandemic in order to reach more client? Is this problem hinder your project ?

A2 : We are superior above all hotels, because people feel safe in a Vulposhome. Which gets cleaned very well. So well that it exceeds covid standards. This has given us the opportunity to serve more clients than ever before! So the crisis has had only positive effects for our company so far.

Q3 : I think 3 things are important for investors, cost compatibility and safety. How can you guarantee that these 3 things are available on VULPOSHOMES? And what are benefits can you offer for investors?

A3 : We only invest in deeply discounted assets, therefore we are always positioned to provide the best returns for our investors. We use advanced A.I to identify the best opportunities in the market and then capitalize on them on behalf of our investors and community.

Q4 : What is the use of the VPX token? Is there an VPX Staking program to attract investors to store tokens in the long term? If so, how does the betting mechanism work? How do we participate?

A4 : Really great question. The answer is simple. The token is needed for many things in the ecosystem, which will increase demand. But the biggest part is the STAKING for the tokenized funds which the big investors in the CeFi world will have to do to launch tokenized fund with us... So by buying $VPX you will be surfing on the TRILLIONS of dollars floating into the ecosystem via tokenized real estate. It is the same like buying ETH in 2015, or LINK in 2017, VPX will do for the tokenized market.

Q5 : DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us? Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system? What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

A5 : We believe DeFi is DeFinitely the future. Everyone is integrating right now and Tokenization is a very big important part of the future of DeFi. What DeFi actually makes possible is very unique. It makes competition truly global and banks will have to compete with each other for the customer, giving the power to the people instead of to the banks. Imagine in the future, you want to buy a new house. You have two options. Either you go to an old fashioned local bank in person, have to do a lot of manual checks, etc, find a house etc, and get a high interest rate for your mortgage and it will take weeks to complete the purchase. Or you go to -- authenticate with your digital currency wallets, we can track your salary and credit score in seconds from the blockchains that are integrated, and you browse the home you like, click 'buy' -- our system then takes your mortgage application, and distributes it to every bank in the world that is competing for it, from London to NYC to Signapore to Hongkong every bank will make an automatic offer in seconds. Then you will have a better rate and you can purchase the home very fast. This is what DeFi makes possible. It is the future, and we are very excited to be a part of this.

Questions on segment 2 have been answered, It’s wonderful thank you
@Josephadmo Vulpos!

Segment 3 : Live AMA

Best AMA 30 Second over 300+ Question

Q1 : How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well?
Do you have local communities for the them to let them better understand about your project ?

A1 : We already have communities in Indonesia and Vietnam. We are building more Vulpos communities globally, any community member can speak to us to start a new community in their country or language and receive compensation for doing so.

Q2 : Is VULPOS a GLOBAL PROJECT ? Can all communities take part in this project ?

A2 : Yes, Vulpos is a global project. We enable anyone from anywhere in the world to be a part of our ecosystem!

Q3 : About partnerships, could you tell us which ones are active and what are the advantages going to be from those and Any big Partnership?

A3 : We are partnering up with many exchanges and influential people both in the CeFi and Defi market. This will ultimately lead to a great amount of awareness for our project as well as large investments entering the Vulpos ecosystem.

Q4 : is VULPOS really a DeFi project? If so, how could I reserve a property without the need to enter accounts or personal information?

A4 : Anyone can buy #VPX, once you have successfully passed KYC. We also enable all of our community members to invest in real estate assets using their cryptocurrency. All through making use of blockchain technology.

Q5 : As a community-driven project, how can I contribute my place to your success? Do you have a global ambassador program or referral reward system? Is there any benefit to holding $vpx tokens for a long time?

A5 : Great question, we offer our community members an amazing bounty program. Anyone can earn $VPX, by spreading awareness about our project. More information about this will be available in our main Telegram chat.

Thanks You For AMA And Share Knowledge



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