Take Part In A New Technology Revolution ChallengeApp !

The Challengeeos app is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards. A Challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be to unlock the Challenge and receive their EOS blockchain rewards. The Challenge application uses geolocation on user’s smartphones to verify the requirements and reward winners. Challenge is free to download and first-time users will receive CHL tokens just for downloading. The Challengeeos app is currently downloadable in the Apple and Android mobile store. CHL tokens will be used to organize the ranking of Challenges that appear on the Challengeeos newsfeed. As of June 2020, the Challengeeos app ranks as the 59th most used blockchain application in the world!

How To Make To A Challenge ?

Download the app on your smartphone from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS,

• Follow the steps, select the place and time along with the number of tokens you’d like to offer if the Challenge is completed. users can make challenges one sided where they are putting up the tokens or it can make the challenge mutual where they both put up an equal amount of tokens for the challenge to get activated.

• How Create Free Account on ChallengeApp ?

Create Account and verification with phone number or gmail

• How Create Challenge ?

Click ( + )

Create Challenge and select Task

  1. Task Challenge
  2. Geo Drop Challenge

Select Reward for Challenge

  • Support Token : EOS , CHL , EBTC , SAND , EETH , SENSE , DAPP , KANDA , VIG , PUML +Other token (Coming soon )

• How send reward for participant challenge ?

Click comment in post you

Select participant and send reward

• New features : Daily Ticket

For spin verification gmail and phone number get free spin

How Deposit for ChallengeApp ?

Click Add for ChallengeApp

Dont forget : Deposit with memo

• How Withdrawal for ChallengeApp ?

Click Transfer

Select Coin : EOS , CHL , EBTC , SAND , EETH , SENSE , DAPP , KANDA , VIG , PUML +Other token (Coming soon )

Fill you addres and memo , Click Confirm

• Driving Value Back To Users

We create value for application and platforms we use by connecting with them and providing them with our information. This value is usually directing to the founders or small group of insiders. The challenge application seeks to drive value back to users by transferring some of the value that is created into blockchain reward that goes to the users of the application users

• Receive Rewards Just For Downloading

Download Challenge App receiving 10 CHL token. The CHL the naive token for challenge currently trading around the world on a number of exchanges. The challenge community is committed to proving numbers a variety of challenges that users can participate in without them having to risk any of their own tokens. So be on the lookout for new challenges in the app.




Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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ZTH Crypto | ID

ZTH Crypto | ID

Sharing Crypto Educational Community-Learn. Not a financial advice . Always DWYORRRRRRR

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